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The School of History of Beijing Normal University Carries out the Theme Party Event of "abandoning Patriotism and Building a Chinese Dream Together"

Date: May 27, 2019

On May 25, members of the faculty and staff of History College went to Xiongan New District to carry out the Party Day on the theme of " Abandoning patriotism and building a Chinese dream together". The activities are led by Guo Jiahong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, aiming at carrying out patriotic education and learning the "first-class" spirit of building a new town in Xiongan.



The first stop of the theme party day is Ranzhuang Tunnel War Memorial Hall. Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare is an important war site left over from the War of Resistance Against Japan in North China. It is the first patriotic education demonstration base in China. In 1937, the Japanese army launched a large-scale armed aggression against the North China Plain. In order to guard against the enemy's attack, the masses of Ranzhuang dug hidden holes and formed four main lines with 24 branches as long as 16 kilometers in the center of the crossroads. Households are connected, villages and villages are connected, and the upper and lower echoes each other. They can carry out strategic defense projects that can hide. Revolutionary forefathers used defense projects to carry out tunnel warfare that shocked China and foreign countries. They threw their heads and blood and made outstanding contributions. The members of the Party carefully watched the exhibitions of the fall of central Hebei, the national suffering and the rise of the people in central Hebei in the exhibition hall of Ranzhuang Tunnel War Memorial Hall, and then walked more than 600 metres on the ground to experience the hardship of the war. After the introduction of the lecturer and on-site visits in the tunnel, the Party members sincerely admire the wisdom and courage of the revolutionary forefathers and their spirit of fighting for their country without fear of sacrifice.



In the afternoon, the faculty members came to Xiong An New District Civic Service Center. Xiong An Civic Service Center is designed and constructed according to the principle of large part and flat, systematic design, step by step promotion, centralized examination and approval, efficiency first and service oriented. With the help of the government service cloud platform, we will further explore various reforms, such as discharge service and "Internet + government affairs". When the masses come here to work, they can really feel the government service of "only entering one door" and "running at most once". The learning team was deeply impressed by the various intelligent, convenient and efficient service measures and green ecological environment provided by the Civil Service Center.



Through this theme party day activity, teaching staff members have expressed that they should not only attach importance to inheriting the spirit of patriotic struggle, but also be brave in innovation and responsibility under the guidance of the new era and new ideas, so as to train more socialist builders and successors for the country and society, so as to practice the firm beliefs and lofty ideals of Communists.



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