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The Training Meeting Held for 2107 SMU Group of Official Business Leave

Date: November 24, 2017

SMU News, Jul. 13 A training meeting for 2017 SMU group going abroad on business was successfully held in the past few days at the first-floor meeting room of Foreign Students’ Building on Wuhou campus, in accordance with requirements stipulated in the group going abroad on business of State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC). Present at the meeting were delegations for educational exchanges to Malaysia, Thailand, France, the UK, Belarus, and Poland as well as teachers going abroad on business on summer vacation.

At the meeting, Li Gengnian, assistant to the president and director of Division of International Cooperation and Exchange, along with related faculties explained the significance and essentiality of this training meeting. Also, they made an explicit request for disciplines and safety for foreign affairs and put forward some suggestions about specific tasks and negotiations of this visit.

Faculties from Foreign Affairs Office of Division of International Cooperation and Exchange interpreted in detail the overseas disciplinary rules specified by SEAC, travel guide and points for attention. Moreover, emphasis was laid on the obedience to the head and abidance by disciplines over the period of the visit.

After the meeting, the visiting group signed A Commitment to Discipline for Foreign Affairs of SMU Group Going Abroad on Business. Members of all groups indicated that they would observe disciplines for foreign affairs and comply with relevant regulations stipulated by SEAC. They also promised that they would fulfill the visiting tasks.



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