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The Visit by Josai University from Japan

Date: June 14, 2018

On 14 June, a visit to our university took place by a group of five person, including Motoyuki Ono, Special Assistant to the President of Josai University Council and the Legal Person of Josai University; Shirahata Akira, President of Josai University; Yu Yang, International Education Center of the University; Gong Wei, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Promotion Center of the University, etc. The visiting group is welcomed by our President Wang Zushen and Vice President Zhao Jie.

President Wang first introduced the history and development status of our school, and then expressed his hope of taking advantage of each other’s educational strength and of learning from each other’s educational and teaching philosophy. Through people-to-people exchange, the teaching reform in aged care shall be implemented and the cooperation in public health policy-making shall be carried out.

Motoyuki Ono expressed his wish of friendly cooperation with Dalian Medical University to jointly push the internalization of the two sides. Mr. Shirahata Akira introduced the school-running feature and academic discipline of Josai University and Josai International University, in the hope for the interdisciplinary study and educational resource sharing between the two sides.

Through preliminary discussion, both sides have decided to cooperate in public health, nursing, and other fields.



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