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Tian Hongqi: A Broad Mind Will Take You Farther ----- Speech at the Commencement Ceremony for the 2019 CSU Graduates

Date: June 21, 2019

Dear graduates:

Today, you’ve graduated from the CSU. You’re about to enter a new environment and a new phase of life. Congratulations! Best wishes for you all! And also, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to your parents and your teachers!

As the saying goes that “rich experience will make you get wise and help you grow.” I’m very glad that you’ve grown so well in the CSU.

First of all, let me say out some sparkling names. They are: Zhang Jiaxiong from Xiangya Hospital, an important member of the team published papers onScience; Wang Bing from the School of Resources and Safety Engineering, an explorer in safety culture research; Jiang Zhenhua from the School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, a leader of the team completed the special test for the Nanjiang Railway; and Ge Peng from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, whose papers have had a total impact factor of more than 200… Definitely, as explorers in science and technology, you’ve achieved honors in your own fields.

When mentioning the three CSU projects each achieving commercialization of over 100 million yuan, I must extend sincere thanks to Dong Qingyuan, Jiang Yongjia, Ju Kunyu and Zhao Tianyu from the School of Metallurgy and Environment, and You Chao, Zeng Gang, and Zhang Dongdong from the School of Materials Science and Engineering for your hard work in these projects.

Chen Yongjian from the eight-year program of clinical medicine, stood out at the critical moment to rescue strange faint patients, practicing the responsibility of the CSU with superb medical skills of Xiangya Hospital.

The education assistance group from the School of Architecture and Art won the gold medal awarded by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China because of its great efforts in lighting up the dream of the children living in the mountainous area.

The football team, basketball team, volleyball team and badminton team of the CSU were all among the top four in the university sports games across the country. Besides, our dragon and lion dance team has secured the championship in the country for 12 years in a row.

In addition, I also want to read out these names loudly. They are Li Zhihong from the School of Literature & Journalism, Wang Chenyu from the School of Foreign Languages, Song Ziqing from the Business School, Zhou Yicheng from the School of Law, Chen Lirui from the School of Marxism, Sun Zhicheng from the School of Public Administration, Zhou Dejian from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Li Tanyi from the School of Physical Science and Electronics, Chen Huang from the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Zhang Hui from the School of Energy Science and Engineering, Wang Yuwen from the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute, Wang Meng from the School of Civil Engineering, Chen Yanjun from the School of Geosciences and Info-physics, Sun Jingqi from the School of Resources and Safety Engineering, Zhang Junjun from the School of Automation, Ansaerjiang from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Xu Guoliang from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Liu Changhong from the School of Basic Medical Science, Li Ziye from the School of Public Health, Chai Xiaoya from the School of Xiangya Nursing, Sun Kai from the School of Stomatology, Liu Min from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Fan Liangliang from the School of Life Sciences, Qin Fen from the No.2 Xiangya Hospital and Shi Jian From No.3 Xiangya Hospital …

And all of you present here, my dear graduates!

Each of you is a beautiful note in the movement of the CSU; each of you is a protagonist in the story of the CSU; and each of you makes due contribution to the building of the CSU. Thank you so much, my dear graduates! The CSU is proud of you all!

You have worked hard to become a graduate of the CSU. At this moment, I'd like to offer you my advice: a broad mind and hard work takes you farther!

Only those with a broad mind can plan big things.A broad mind is meant to be a great ambition. The bigger your dream is, the larger your world will be. Those with great achievements all have a broad mind. The most confusing thing in life is not what you cannot gain, but that you don't know what you desire for. Please think hard about the relationship between you and the times, between you and the country, and between you and the world. Today, China is at the critical stage of national rejuvenation. Only keeping the big picture in mind and paying close attention to the future of the nation can CSU graduates have more room for maneuver.

Only those with the ability to integrate themselves into the surroundings can undertake big tasks.Integration is actually a kind of great wisdom. A rational person will take the initiative to adapt himself to the world, while an irrational person hopes that the world can adapt itself to him. If you don't adapt yourself to the times, you'll surely be replaced; and if you don't turn yourself into an integral part of the overall situation, you'll surely be kicked out of the game. "Don’t worry when others don’t appreciate you, but you should strive to make achievements.” I believe all of you can smoothly integrate yourselves into the collective and society, know well about your units, work well with your colleagues, stick to your career and go all out to do it better. Only when you do well in integrating yourselves into your surroundings can you shoulder big responsibilities.

Only those working hard can make big things happen.Working hard is essential. In my eyes, what is the most admirable is that you are dedicated to something, do it in a professional way and finally turn it into your career. Hard work is not only the foundation of career, but also the way to success. "The reason why some people can speak very well lies in that they can listen to others’ pinions every day; and the reason why some people can do very well lies in that they always do things themselves.” I hope that you work hard to strive for progress, to surpass the limits, and to make great achievements!

Dear graduates, try to be broad-minded and responsible persons. The criterion of success varies from one to another. However, only those who dedicate themselves to their country, their nation and the mankind can be remembered forever! Today, the baton of history has been passed on to you. Now let’s stay together to:

Carry forward the CSU spirit of serving the motherland!

Maintain the CSU essence of working in earnest!

Pass on the CSU power of pursuing excellence!

The CSU is proud of you! The times is proud of you! And the country is proud of you!

Thank you all!



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