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Tianjin University and Nanchang City Agreement for Micro Technology Research Institute

Date: January 11, 2017


On January 11, 2017, Tianjin University and the Nanchang Government concluded a strategic cooperative agreement for establishing the Tianjin University-Nanchang Micro Technology Research Institute, with the aim of establishing a first-rate micro technology research and development platform and industrialization base. The research institute will give full play to the high standard of research at Tianjin University in microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS), and contribute to research and manufacture of key devices such as micro sensors, micro actuators, microelectronic chip devices applicable to mobile terminals, Internet, virtual reality, wearable devices, aerospace engineering, and biological engineering.

Tianjin University, with the support of Nanchang city, is required to set up a Tianjin University-Nanchang Micro Technology Research Institute in a high-tech zone in Nanchang city in accordance with the agreement, creating a national research and development platform. The two parties will plan and design an MEMS industrial park in the high-tech zone as an industrial base for the application of research and development and laying a foundation for an MEMS industrial cluster. Tianjin University intends to bring in thirty to fifty top talented people from home and abroad within three to five years and including them into its personnel quotas and salary system. Nanchang city will provide strong support to the institute by introduction of talented people, establishment and operation of the platform, and establishing an industrial special fund. The two parties agreed to organize a micro technology special talent fund council to supervise the development of the research organization, budgeting and administration of the fund. The institute plans to build a public product line for research and development within a year. Common agreement was made on building an excellent student base in Nanchang city and cultivating graduate students at the institute.

Feng Yaqing, the vice president of Tianjin University signed the relevant funding agreement with Liu Dehui, the Party Working Committee deputy secretary and director of the administrative committee from the high-tech zone at Nanchang, and Yu Hui, the director of the board of the Nanchang High-Tech Real Estate Co. Limited at the ceremony.

Leaders from Tianjin University including Party Secretary Li Jiajun, President Zhong Denghua, the former Vice President Hu Xiaotang, and from Jiangxi province including Yin Meigen, a member of the Standing Committee and Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, and Guo An, the Mayor of Nanchang. Li Jiajun and Yin Meigen spoke about the need to strengthen cooperation between Tianjin University and Nanchang city to enhance confidence for better on-going research and development of the Institute. Zhong Denghua and Guo An signed the project cooperative agreement for the Tianjin University-Nanchang Micro Technology Research Institute to be constructed in Nanchang.



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