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Tongji Hospital Optical Valley Branch Open to Receive Patients

Date: December 22, 2015


Before Oct. 18, 2015, if the residents in Optical Valley (where HUST located) want to see doctor in Tongji Hospital (HUST), they should get an early start at 4 or 5 in the morning, driving cross the Yangzi River and then the whole city from east to west, then queue in an endless line in the reception hall for registration. Usually they can be received by the doctors at 11:30 at the soonest. As the most professional comprehensive hospital in central China, Tongji Hospital statistically has a daily outpatient amount of 18000 person-times and an annual outpatient amount of 4.28 million person-times.

The story has changed from Oct. 18 when the Tongji Hospital opened its Optical Valley Branch in the most eastern corner of Wuhan city, where gathered the most college students, IT professionals, young makers and scholars in Wuhan. The Optical Valley Branch has a batch of excellent medical staff who work on shift regularly between the headquarter and the Branch. It hosts around 60 senior professors and 600 experts working here everyday.

The Optical Valley Branch is planned to cover an area of 360 thousand square meters including 62 clinical department and 1000 hospital beds, which enable the hospital to receive 3000 patients each day.

The operating room achieves digitization and integration and, through computer and communication facilities, achieves informationized controllable management. Remote consultation achieves efficient, convenient and safe medical quality management among each branch. Besides, over 3000 parking lots meet patients' need at furthest degree.

According to statistics on October 18,the open day of Optical Valley Branch, the outpatient quantity was 1200 person-times; 130 people was hospitalized; 4 surgeries was operated; 111 people took the physical examination. 



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