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UNF Prof. Albert Loh Giving Academic Reports at Invitation

Date: August 27, 2018

SMU News, May 15 The School of Economics Invited Prof. Albert Loh from Coggin College of Business, University of North Florida (UNF) to give two academic reports entitled “Urbanization And Labor Migration” and “The Left-behind Children in Rural China”. The lecture, chaired by Dean Zheng Changde, attracted teachers and students of the School of Economics as well as UNF students.

Professor Loh introduced China's urbanization, the flow direction of its labor, and its urbanization level, then analyzed the main problems and the differences between urban and rural areas in China's urbanization process by using large quantities of data and chart analysis. On this basis, Professor Loh continued to analyze in-depth the phenomenon of Left-behind Children in the process of labor mobility in China. Through Chinese census data, academic literature summaries, and related news reports, he concluded that the lives, study, and health of left-behind children in China are affected by parental migration.

During the lecture, students expressed their opinions and asked questions. At the end of the lecture, students of SMU School of Economics had extensive exchanges and interactions with UNF students. The lecture, delivering the development of urbanization in China, is conducive to a better understanding of the current development of China. The lecture in English provided a platform to learn English for students who have established a deep friendship with international students, laying a good foundation for future exchanges.

It is said that the lecture was hosted by the university’s Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Division of Development Planning, Division of Technology, School of Graduates, Office of Academic Affairs and School of Economics, and supported by the Program of Introducing Foreign Experts.



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