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Vice President Wu Lixin Visits WHOI

Date: March 7, 2018

Vice President Wu Lixin visits the AMS Center


Prof. Wu Lixin, Vice President of OUC and a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) upon invitation in the latter half of February, 2018. He visited its scientific laboratories and ocean observation platforms, and engaged in discussions about potential future cooperation between Ocean University of China (OUC) and WHOI.

President Mark R. Abbott of WHOI extended a warm welcome to Prof. Wu, and they had a friendly meeting which focused on issues related to the building of an International Joint Laboratory, the deepening and expansion of cooperation areas, and the promotion of new-generation global ocean observation and big data. Mr. Laurence P. Madin, Vice President of WHOI, met with Prof. Wu and was joined by senior researchers and staff from the departments of physical oceanography, geology, biology, chemistry, applied oceanography and engineering and ocean policy.

Prof. Wu visited WHOI’s laboratories of physical oceanography, marine biology, marine geology and marine chemistry. During these visits, he examined ocean observation facilities and equipment, listened carefully to the briefings of the research staff on their current work, and proposed targeted suggestions. He learned about the Ocean Observatories Initiative and discussed its details with relevant staff.

As Prof. Wu explained, China is implementing a strategy of building a strong maritime country. OUC, as one of China’s strategic universities, has been recently included in the national plan of building world-class universities. The university looks forward to exploring new possibilities of cooperation with top institutions such as through the WHOI International Joint Laboratory, so as to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Prof. Wu visits the OBS Center


Prof. Wu learns about the Ocean Observation Initiative



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