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Vice-President of Swedish Royal Institute of Technology Visits JRCIE

Date: March 27, 2011

From March 23rd to 25th, Prof.Ramon Wyss, Vice-President of The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology(KTH), and Ms. He Yingfang, Program Coordinator for China of the KTH International Office, visited SDU. Vice-President Lou Hongxiang met with the guests and briefed them on SDU's current scientific research, academic strengths and its participation in international scientific research.

During their stay, Prof. Wyss and Ms. He visited the SDU-KTH Joint Research Center of Industrial Ecology (JRCIE) . The report recalled a series of achievements that have been made since the JRCIE was established in 2005. Such achievements include the fields of student exchange, joint training of students, cooperative research and the co-hosting of international academic conferences. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with the Department of Ecology at KTH, SDU has introduced a new major in Energy and Environmental Systems and now provides specialized courses in industrial ecology.

After the report on the JRCIE, Wyss expressed his hopes that teaching and scientific research in the future would center more on social needs,especially on energy-efficiency, emissions-reductions, and sustainable development. Dr. Xin Gongming, Deputy Dean of the SDU School of Energy and Power Engineering, also wished that the JRCIE would become stronger and more influential.

On the evening of March 24th, Prof. Wyss gave a presentation titled "Swedish Education of Engineers" to SDU students on Xinglongshan Campus. He gave an introduction of the training system, some training concepts, and the innovative aspects of engineering education at KTH.

In October 2005, KTH and SDU signed a Cooperative Frame Agreement and an agreement to establish the JRCIE. Since then, fruitful cooperation in the areas of student training, scholarly visits, and joint scientific research projects have been carried out between the two universities.



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