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Vice President of Tel Aviv University Visits RUC

Date: June 7, 2018

On the afternoon of June 5th, DU Peng, Vice President of Renmin University of China, met with the visiting Vice President of Tel Aviv University and Chairman of the Confucius Institute Raanan Rein. The two parties discussed in depth academic cooperation on Confucius Institute construction and related fields. They were accopanied by the visiting President of Tel Aviv University and Director of the Asian Academic Exchange and Business Development Department Orly Fromer, as well as Woody Aharoni, President and Academic Director of the Lahoff Senior Manager Education Center at Tel Aviv University  Udi Aharoni.



DU Peng stated that Renmin University of China attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchanges between the two universities. The Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University, which was established through cooperation between the two universities, has developed steadily in recent years and has become an important exchange platform for the exchange of education and culture between the two universities and the two countries; the student exchange program has benefited both schools. Many excellent students, along with discipline cooperation has steadily grown to give full play to diversity of disciplines offered to students and a series of exchanges and cooperation projects in law, Chinese Studies, literature, journalism, arts, archeology and other disciplines have been established, in addition to cooperation in the fields of publishing, with marked achievements. DU Peng expressed the hope that the two universities will continue to broaden their cooperation, conduct in-depth research on China and the Middle East, and strengthen interdisciplinary research and personnel training in areas such as network regulation.



Vice President of Tel Aviv University and Chairman of the Confucius Institute Raanan Rein recalled that the Confucius Institute has held a series of influential events in recent years, and has developed Chinese courses for all levels, which has been well received. The Confucius New Sinology doctoral program, International Elementary School, etc. provide opportunities for students studying Chinese in the Confucius Institute to study in China. The Confucius Institute also provides a platform for academic exchanges and cooperation.



The two parties stated that they will continue to maintain close cooperative relations, learn from their teaching and management experiences, expand personnel exchanges, and strengthen cooperation between the two universities in areas such as research and public health management in China and the Middle East.

Director of RUC International YAN An, Deputy Directors LI Zhenshi and LV Jie, along with other relevant personnel were in attendance.

On the same day, VP Raanan Rein visited the National University of Renmin University of China and discussed with relevant officials of the National Academy of China, the School of Literature, and publishing houses on the cooperation of academic seminars, teacher and postgraduate exchanges in October this year.




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