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Wang Gaofeng Named “Person of the Year” for the 7th National College Tutor Award

Date: May 2, 2015

On April 20, Wang Gaofeng was named “Person of the Year” for the 7th National College Tutor Award. Wang works as a tutor at the School of Preparatory Education in SWUN. She is the only one who has won such honor among colleges and universities of Sichuan Province.

In this program, 150 tutors of the country were recognized as candidates for the Award, 50 were nominated for it and 11 tutors finally received the honor of “Person of the Year”.

SWUN attaches great importance to the building of the tutoring staff by fostering, selecting and modeling excellent and typical tutors. From tutoring, staff emerge a growing number of typical and excellent tutors who are whole-heartedly dedicated to their jobs. In the past five years, the honor of Top Ten Tutors and Excellent Tutors has been awarded to forty tutors at the university level. Meanwhile, SWUN earnestly selects and recommends its excellent tutors as candidates for “Person of the Year”. Wang Gaofeng, a tutor from the School of Preparatory Education, is one of the examples. Wang has been engaged in the job since 1994. So far, she has tutored 52 classes, with a total of more than 2650 students from Uygur, Kazak, and other ethnic minority groups. During the last 21 years, the former “Miss Wang” has turned into “Mom Wang” in the students’ greeting to her. With her motherly responsibility, Wang has been caring for ethnic students and guiding them on the path of healthy growth, promoting exchanges, communication, and communion among them as well as fostering many talents for ethnic groups and minority-inhabited areas. With her twenty-one years of consistent hard work and dedication, Wang Gaofeng has carried out the mission of “cultivating students with high integrity”.



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