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Wang Shoujun and His Party Went to China Food Group to Study and Exchange

Date: April 27, 2019

On April 26, Wang Shoujun, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, led the principal leaders of asset management companies and various (group) companies to study and exchange with China Food Group. Luo JiaMang, a member of the CPC Group and chief accountant of COFCO, welcomed Wang Shoujun and his party. Liu Yun, Director of the General Office of COFCO, and Zhang Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Asset Management Company of Beijing Normal University participated in the activities.



Luo JiaMang introduced the core business and brand products of COFCO, and the mission of COFCO to be loyal to the national economy, to the people's livelihood, and to build a world-class grain business. Wang Shoujun introduced the purpose and main content of this trip to COFCO.



COFCO General Office, Party Group Work Department, Board of Directors Office, Strategy Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Audit Department and other responsible persons on the reform and development of COFCO Group, overall management and control mode, financial management mode, audit management and control mode, and cadre management system, human resources management, and party building work were explained in detail.

The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. Wang Shoujun said that the full exchange of learning and learning is of great significance to the work of Beijing Normal University. He asked the main cadres of the industry to learn from the advanced experience of COFCO, strengthen the management and control of the industrial group of Beijing Normal University, and improve the quality of industrial development.




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