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Wang Shuang, a Female Football Player from Beijing Normal University, Was Elected

Date: November 30, 2018

On the evening of November 28, at the annual award ceremony of the Asian Football Federation, Wang Shuang, a female football player from Beijing Normal University, won the Asian Miss Football Player of the Year trophy.


Wang Shuang defeated Samantha Kohl of the Australian women's football team and Sashi Kumaguchi of the Japanese women's football team and became the fourth "Miss Asian Football" of the Chinese women's football team after Sun Wen, Bai Jie and Ma Xiaoxu.


It is reported that Wang Shuang was able to stand out in the competition of "Miss Asian Football", thanks to her excellent performance in the past year. She played in the Asian Cup with the Chinese Women's Football Team and helped the team to qualify for the Women's Football World Cup next year with four goals. In the Asian Games, Wang Shuang scored six goals, which was the chief contributor of the Chinese Women's Football Team to win the silver medal. Wang Shuang joined the French women's football team in Paris Saint German in August and became the core player of the team. 12 appearances, 4 goals and 4 assists were scored in all competitions. In an article entitled "Wang Shuang Makes History for Greater Paris", the official website of the Asian Football Federation wrote, "Wang Shuang has scored the first goal of the Chinese in the Euro Champions League, and shiny she has reached the peak of her career in 2018.

        "This is just the beginning for me," Wang Shuang said in his award-winning speech. A short sentence expresses her confidence and determination to continue to improve herself in the future.



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