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Work Care Committee of Beijing Normal University Organizes and Develops the Theme Activity of "talking with Old and Young, Dragon Boat Festival of Zongai"

Date: June 12, 2019

On June 6th, in order to let young college students understand and inherit the traditional Chinese culture and feel the charm of the past, the school cares about the next generation work committee to hold the theme of “Wolf Man, Dragon Boat Festival” Culture and Natural Heritage Day. The event was hosted by Liu Yumei, Secretary General of the Working Committee of the School, and more than 40 teachers and students from the secondary working committees participated in the theme event. The Changping Campus Integrated Management Office and the Social College gave strong support to this event. June 6th is the MangZhong Festival, June 7th is the Dragon Boat Festival, and June 8th is China's third cultural and natural heritage day. The Dragon Boat Festival and the "Twenty-Four Seasons" including the MangZhong Festival are included in the "List of Representatives of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" in 2009 and 2016 respectively.



This activity takes visiting Shahe New Campus as a platform, taking the Dragon Boat Festival knowledge lecture as an introduction, focusing on the inheritance of traditional culture, so that old teachers and young students can experience DIY colorful lines and bookmarks, appreciate folk music performance and taste zongzi to realize the charm of non-relics, while feeling the traditional festival culture atmosphere, enhance patriotism and the protection of national culture.



Han Bing, deputy director of the New Campus Office, led all to visit the lecture hall, multimedia classroom, gymnasium, library and student activity center of the new campus in turn along the building corridor. Everyone praised the intellectualization of the new campus equipment and the relaxation of personal learning space. Subsequently, Professor He Shaoya of the Institute of Social Sciences explained the history, customs and culture of Dragon Boat Festival and the knowledge of health preservation related to Dragon Boat Festival. In the non-heritage activities experience link, we divided into groups, under the guidance of the students majoring in folklore of the College of Sociology, to produce a variety of beautiful colorful lines. In the process of bookmarking, people draw, inscribe poems or write allegorical sayings, and give each other bookmarks with their neighbors to express their festive wishes. Liu Jie, Ph.D. student of Social College, played "Silk Road Camel Bell" and "Huahao Yuanyuan" live with the national musical instrument Ruan. The melodious tune added a lot of charm to the activity. Finally, the activity ended in tasting zongzi.

This activity not only deepened the young students' recognition of Dragon Boat Festival folklore and traditional cultural festivals, but also promoted the protection of cultural heritage, and promoted the exchange between young students and old teacher.



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