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XJTU Researchers Publish Research Result in Research Policy

Date: December 14, 1901


Recently, XJTU professors Feng Genfu, Wen Jun, and doctoral candidate Wang Quanjing from the School of Economics and Finance, together with professor Zhang Cunbing from the National Sun Yat-sen University, published an article entitled The impacts og goverment ideology on innovation: Whta are main Implications.  In Research Policy, an internationally acclaimed journal on the economics of innovation.

The article is about a study on the relation of the ideology of political parties and technological innovation based on nonequilibrium transnational panel data of 110 nations from 1995 to 2015. The study found that the rightist administration had promoted technological innovation, while that under the Left had prohibited technological advancement. This influence is more obvious in OECD member nations and more developed countries. Continuous administration under the same political party is helpful to innovation, which has been particularly shown by the Right.

XJTU doctoral candidate Wang Quanjing is the first author, professor Wen Jun is the co-first author and XJTU is the institutional affiliation of the first author.



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