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XMU Holds Exhibition on Achievements in Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Date: April 2, 2018


At noon on March 29, the Achievement Exhibition of the 2nd XMU Annual Meeting on Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship was officially inaugurated at Sanjiacun Square, Xiamen University. The leaders present at the opening ceremony included Wu Yan, director of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Xu Mei, director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Education, Fan Hailin, Wang Qiming, Lin Dongwei, deputy directors of the Higher Education Department, Zhang Yan, Party Secretary of XMU, and Wu Daguang, Vice President of XMU. The opening ceremony was presided over by Xie Huomu, director of the Modern Educational Technology and Practice Training Center of XMU and deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of XMU.


Vice President Wu Daguang addressed the opening ceremony. He pointed out that XMU held the 2nd annual meeting on undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship after the model of the National Conference on Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Education. In fact, XMU has been holding award ceremonies for winners of the undergraduate sci-tech innovation contests for six years. Over the past years, XMU has introduced a series of reform measures to encourage and support undergraduates to innovate and start businesses, which, up to now, has achieved remarkable results. Today’s exhibition showed broadening participation by students and faculty, higher monetary rewards, exceeding a whopping 1.3 million yuan this year, which also indicated that that XMU students are raking in higher number of higher quality awards, said Wu. He stressed that in the future, XMU will double down on its investment in such acitvities, deepen reforms and create better conditions and environment for students' innovation and entrepreneurship, and he hoped that the Ministry of Education would continue to support XMU and students’ innovation and entrepreneurship activities.


Following the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests visited the exhibition. They lingered before each of the exhibition board, chatting with the students who are in charge of the projects, listening to their introductions, asking about the progress of the projects, personally experiencing some of the exhibited works and giving thumbs up to the students for their ingenious ideas.


The exhibition fully showcased XMUers’ innovative spirit and entrepreneurship by featuring a total of 44 exemplary projects par excellence picked out from the undergraduate academic competitions and those of De Zhen Social Classroom Fund in 2017, top 10 college student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, top 10 creative projects, and top 10 projects of school-wide academic competitions. Also on display were 10 team projects selected from those of the “Red Dream-building Journey of Chinese Youth”, a parallel event of the 3rd XMU “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


This exhibition gave a full display of the achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship of XMU students of the previous year, and is also a tribute to the oncoming 97thschool anniversary. XMU will continue to scale up its educational reforms on innovation and entrepreneurship, actively carry forward the excellent tradition, and take the occasion of the 4th China “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which is to be organized by XMU, to do an even better job in the competitions of the coming year with regard to innovation and entrepreneurship, bringing out the best in XMUers.


Also present at the exhibition were over 60 old friends from more than 20 prestigious media outlets including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, China Radio International Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, China Daily, China Youth Daily, China News, Science and Technology Daily, China Education News, China Education Television, etc. They have long covered and supported XMU’s educational reforms with regard to innovation and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, over 500 XMUers attended the ceremony, including leaders of relevant departments and divisions, college leaders, student counselors, teaching secretaries, experimental secretaries,  representatives of the exhibitors and students.


It is reported that the exhibition will continue until April 9. All XMU faculty and students are welcome to attend the event and share their thoughts and ideas about it.



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