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XMU Holds Round-campus Run to Mark 97th Anniversary

Date: May 4, 2018

On the afternoon of April 28, the Round-campus Run kicked off at the Yanwu Field on the Siming Campus to mark and celebrate the XMU 97th anniversary. XMU Vice president Wu Daguang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech prior to the run.  

Before the game started, all participants, along with the master of the ceremony, chanted the slogan that went, “Get jazzed up, make running fun.” Following that, the martial arts performance and the eye-feasting aerobic dance sparked volcanic eruptions of applause from the spectators, showcasing to full extent the youth and vitality of the XMUers on the stage of youth. The fantastic pregame show ignited the runners' passion for the game and geared them up for take-off in spite of the burning heat of the late April’s sun. At the loud bang of the starting pistol, the teacher and student athletes darted off like arrows with the uplifting music playing in the background.



 This 4.5-kilometer round-campus run attracted a total of 3,500 participants who were categorized into student group, experiential group, faculty group and alumini experiential group. The route starts from the Yanwu Field, passing by the Science and Art Center, Baicheng Gate, then through the Linyun Tunnel, alongside the XMU flower garden, the reservoir of XMU, Yifu Building, Jiageng Complex, and finishing at the Yanwu Field, where the race commences, to complete a long loop. After the run, school leaders presented certificates to the top 10 runners of each group. And all participants who had finished the route as required were also awarded souvenirs and certificates.

  As part of the tribute to XMU 97th anniversary, the Round-Campus Run was organized with the aim to further improve the physical fitness of XMUers, kindle people’s greater enthusiasm for physical exercises, and build and promote the campus sports culture of XMU.



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