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Youth in Bloom - The 6th 'Dance CUC' Student Dancing Club Evening

Date: May 5, 2019

Summary: The 6th “Dance CUC” Student Dancing Club Evening was held at CUC Auditorium on Friday, April 26. Hosted by the Union of Student Association of Communication University of China and guided by Chinese Communist...

The 6th “Dance CUC” Student Dancing Club Evening was held at CUC Auditorium on Friday, April 26. Hosted by the Union of Student Association of Communication University of China and guided by Chinese Communist Youth League Committee of CUC, the evening party was a collection of dancing programs performed by 11 groups including on-campus and off-campus dance clubs. Like the theme Youth in Bloom—The 25th Hour Plan suggested, all the young dancers presented the audience with excellent skills, youthful vigor and true spirit of teamwork among clubs.

The gala was divided into three parts: light spotter, wanderer and trailblazer, which represented lightheartedness, freedom and enthusiasm of youth.  According to Zhuang Canjie, the president of Students' Association Union of CUC, the 25th Hour Plan actually expresses a youthful spirit shared by today’s college students. He said, “The extra hour of the day is all about dancing with the rhythm, laying down the pressure, being true to ourselves and seeking innovation. It entirely belongs to us.”

Student clubs from CUC brought performances ranging from Hip-hop, Latin and folk dances to B-box show. Guest performers from Beihang University, Beijing Dance Academy and China University of Political Science and Law also impressed the audience. The tap dance by students from Beihang University received a thunderous and enthusiastic applause. “Their performance was phenomenal,” said Brenda Teh Xiao Tong, an international student from Malaysia. “Tap dance requires solid basic skill and they definitely did it perfectly, no matter on choreography or on visual effect.”

Some of overseas students also participated in the show. Accompanied by gentle and lyrical music, dancers from Amigos Latin Dance Crew came to the stage. Under the starry sky of Vincent van Gogh, pairs of dancers orchestrated the “perfect duets” with their elegant and dynamic moves. Racheal, a student from Malaysia, was one of them.

While talking on the occasion, Racheal said she and her dance partner had prepared one month for the show. “The most challenging thing during the practice is the tacit understanding between two partners when dancing. Even though we've danced together before, it’s hard for us to act in perfect unison and we must work really hard to reach an ideal state,” she added.

Besides the dancing part, Racheal also gained something more. “I’m glad to meet fellow dancers in Amigos Latin Dance Crew. The club brought me a chance to have a better understanding of Chinese students. It’s a place like home.  Everybody takes care of each other and you can easily feel their warmth,” she further said.  

Racheal has been practicing in Latin dance for about eight years. She expressed, “It’s Latin dance that helped me build up confidence. And I really appreciate my teacher for giving me the chance and telling me to enjoy being on stage as much as possible.”

Just like many other events held in CUC, the dancing evening party was broadcast live at, and official Weibo account of CUC, to accommodate those who couldn’t come to the scene.

Each link of the activity offered great opportunities for members of the Union of Student Association to improve professional and practical abilities. Students majoring in Radio and TV editor, Communication, Music and recording arts, Digital media arts in different schools have made full use of their expertise to provide the audience with a grand feast of vision.

It is for sure that everyone in “Dance CUC”, both on and off scenes, showed all the audience that as long as people pursue perfection with their tireless endeavor, they will realize dreams in the end. 



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