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Youthfulness-Silk Road Monopoly: Associations Cultural Festival Held at CUC

Date: April 19, 2019

The 17th Associations Cultural Festival themed “Silk Road Monopoly” was held at the open space in front of the CUC Student Activities Center on Saturday, April 13. Some 34 student associations participated in the event.  The interactive games they prepared showed the charm and characteristic of each association. 

Game rules of this year’s Associations Cultural Festival match with its theme. Players could win game coupons with different denominations through competing challenges. Function cards could be earned from Arabian businessmen (posed by staff members) by winning the dice game. At the end of the day, top 5 players were awarded with the golden tickets to the CUC Dancing Gala.

An Arabian businessman, the non-player Character, was interacting with a member of CUC Martial Arts Society, pretending to be Tai Chi duel.

The students gathered in front of the table of the CUC Animal Protection Association to participate in the games they designed. There were various games including “You Draw I Guess”, “Throwing Sandbags”, “Feeding Game”and so on.  



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