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Pursue Study in China, Why Choose CUCAS to Apply?

Date: July 19, 2012

Summary: Reasons for choosing CUCAS to apply for China's Universities.

Pursue Study in China, Why Choose CUCAS to Apply?

Publish Date:2012-07-19 17:55

Eight Difficulties you will Encounter for Studying in China and Recommended Solutions

The website maintenance of most China’s universities is not seasonable. Also some information is out of date or even wrong. Some universities only own the website in Chinese version while some universities even don’t own a website for recruiting international students. 

In addition, because of the jet lag, language ability and busy work, and other reasons, the teachers might not be able to deal with applicants’ Email or call consultation effectively.

Also, schools’ fixed operation mode might cause few communications and explanation during the complicated application process, thus applicants might be brought to “Confused” condition with worries.

Application Process

  • How to Get Accurate Recruitment and Course Information
    CUCAS integrates the recruitment information of more than 20,000 courses among nearly 200 China's universities. And there are professional editors to undertake real-time renewal and maintenance, thus CUCAS owns the most complete database of schools and programs. In addition, CUCAS professional counselor can provide consultation service one-on-one, and CUCAS even provides information query and consulting service for students who apply directly to the university every year.
  • How to Apply? When to Apply? Who to turn to help? 
    CUCAS provides applicants with the most perfect online application and progress tracking system since applicants can finish the whole application process within 20 minutes. And then students can track the application progress by checking CUCAS auto-email or access to their personal CUCAS profile.
  • During the complicated application process, including materials preliminary examination, materials needs mailing (for some schools), deposit payment (for some schools), and admission decision being informed, etc, how to guarantee the application being smoothly processed and problems being fixed?
    CUCAS assign special personnel to help students one-on-one, follow up the application progress, handle the requirements from both the students and universities, and notify students the admission decision by email or phone call. During this process, students can access to their personal CUCAS profile or call CUCAS to track their admission progress at any time.
  • What if the admission package being lost during the long-time delivery?
    CUCAS provides one-time free DHL delivery for all CUCAS applicants. Your admission package will reach you after three or five days, and it won’t be lost. (DHL delivery costs from $35 to $80, which will be afforded by CUCAS.)


  •  How to book accommodation on campus?
    CUCAS can help applicants book the accommodation on campus for free and it will communicate with the university thoroughly. Students only need to provide required accommodation request.  [Accommodation Booking]
  • How to get the visa?
    CUCAS provides visa application guidance for students from different countries.

After Landing

  • How to get to school and register successfully?
    Currently, CUCAS provides airport pickup and school registration service worth $100 for CUCAS users in Beijing. [Airport Pickup & School Registration Reservation] In addition, CUCAS will provide each student with the guidance of how to reach school and register successfully from Sep. 2012.
  • How to adapt to the new environment?
    CUCAS will provide students guidance for city life and phone using.

CUCAS Service Values more than Its Real Cost

a) Is CUCAS service fee $ 50 expensive?

  • You can apply up to 6 programs with $50 to guarantee your admission.
  • CUCAS professional counselor help application processing and progress tracking one-on-on, students only need to provide required documents and wait for the admission decision.
  • One-time free DHL delivery of admission package ; Value: $35 to $80
  • Free ISIC card(International Student Identity Card, [USES]); Value: $22
  • Free Phone & Email Consultation during the whole application process
  • Get refund if Application failed [CUCAS Refund Policy]

Besides the above service, CUCAS also provides international students other free or value-added service of charge during application process and school entrance, which can guarantee everything go smoothly.

  • Booking Accommodation on Campus: Free! 【Details
  • Airport Pickup & School Registration Service: Value-added Service of Charge only for Beijing Applicants, $100. 【Note: CUCAS service fee is low. However, we need to increase staff quantity and organize better training on professional knowledge for all the staff, CUCAS will adjust the service fee recently, and the information will be available on CUCAS website (

    b) Fee Structure for Applying through CUCAS

    • Application fee (Registration fee): Collected by CUCAS and charged by the university. It will be transferred to the university by CUCAS before your application being submitted. This cost is for the application processing; approximately range from $0-150 (Cost differs for different schools).
    • Service fee: Charged by CUCAS for all the services CUCAS provides applicants
    • Entrance Deposit: Some schools require accepted students (obtain e-offer first) to pay the deposit before issuing the official admission package.
    • Tuition fee: Some schools require accepted students (obtain e-offer first) to pay part of or the whole one semester/year’s tuition before issuing the official admission package.

    Is CUCAS Reliable?

    a) Survival for an Enterprise

    A commercial organization that seeks for short term interests will not care about users’ feeling and experience while the enterprise with great ideal and ambition cares more about its reputation and users’ satisfaction.

    Since its establishment until now, CUCAS goes one step by step for the four years. It did receive complaints and praise, and experience failure. And now CUCAS, as the most influential application platform for studying in China, is still willing to accept any criticism, to summarize, and to grow better. 

    At present, as the largest online portal for international students applying to China's universities, CUCAS has been imitated by many similar institutions and the comprehensive program information has been widely reproduced, copied and collected. Also there are many students who choose to apply to the university directly after reviewing CUCAS website. Someone suggested that we should protect CUCAS information; however, we should be happy since our products are recognized by most people and the mission of CUCAS itself is to help students complete the application process conveniently and smoothly. Students choose CUCAS because of its great service, because they can save time and energy, get information and acquire knowledge, or enjoy warm experience.  And CUCAS only focus on its service, help students in need, and we have no reason to be unhappy if we can help others outside the demand.

    b) CUCAS Cooperating with and Being Recommended by:

    • EOL
    • HSK Test Center
    • Chinese Embassy in New York
    • Chinese Embassy in France
    • Sino-German Cultural Exchange Association
    • Mauritius Embassy
    • ISIC Association: The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Association is a member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE Travel Confederation)



    If you want to express yourself to CUCAS, please send email to
    To improve CUCAS service and provide better service for more users, your comment and advice are highly welcome by CUCAS.

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