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2020 Admission Insurance

Date: February 27, 2020

Summary: The outbreak of COVID-19 in China has brought influence for international students who want to study in China in 2020. To help students who want to study in China in 2020 not to miss application deadlines, being away from th...

2020 Admission Insurance


The outbreak of COVID-19 in China has brought influence for international students who want to study in China in 2020, especially for parents, who are more concerned about the situation in China, whether or not the 2020 autumn intake will be still available and most importantly, their children's health. At the meanwhile, videos and articles about how dangerous China is now are increasing the concern of parents as well as international students. As a team in China, we believe the situation is temporary, it will be controlled and for those students who want to pursue a good education, China is still a considerable choice. To help students who want to study in China in 2020 not to miss application deadlines, being away from the risk of wasting money and one year when the 2020 autumn intake in China was canceled, CUCAS established the "2020 Admission Insurance" policy. Now if you are hesitating about studying in China, you can buy it and we will help you minimize the risk.


Benefits of the Insurance/此保险的益处

1: Avoid Wasting of Money/避免损失钱

When you apply through a third-party agency or the university directly, there will be part of non-refundable fees, you may lose 50 to 500 USD on application fee if the new semester in China is not available this year. But applicants who bought this insurance(Only 5 USD) will enjoy full application fee and service fee refund from CUCAS if the 2020 Autumn intake in China was canceled(also include CUCAS' scholarship application service fee).



2: Avoid Missing Application Deadline/避免错过申请截止日期

Your hesitation of applying may lead a result of missing application deadline since application deadlines for most universities in China are in May and June, and for CSC scholarship, the deadline is usually in April, although deadlines in 2020 might be postponed, the confirmed deadlines are not announced yet, and you need to be aware of that it will also take time for preparing documents, so you may don't have enough time for applying in time when you finally decided to do so. And submit an application in a good time is important for you, especially for programs with limited seats, like scholarships, MBBS programs, etc. With this insurance, we will process your applications, tell you how to prepare all the documents, and you can make a good preparation, and our team will keep communicating with Chinese universities and submit your application in time.

你对提交申请的犹豫有可能导致错过申请截止时间,因为大多数中国大学的申请截止时间在5月份和6月份,中国政府奖学金的申请截止时间通常是在4月, 尽管2020年的申请截止时间有可能会被推迟,但确定的截止时间还没有公布,你需要知道准备申请材料也需要时间,所以当你决定申请的时候有可能已经没有充分的时间来及时提交了。在正确时间提交申请对于你来说很重要,尤其是对于那些名额有限的课程,比如奖学金MBBS课程等。购买了这个保险后,我们将会处理你的申请,告知你如何准备所有材料,你可以做充分的准备,而且我们会和中国大学保持沟通,为你及时提交申请。


3: Get A Better Opportunity for Your 2020 /为自己的2020争取一个更好的机会

If you want to study in China, but being afraid of applying for Chinese universities due to the COVID-19, you can submit one application for Chinese universities with this insurance, and another one for another country. So if the 2020 autumn intake in China was canceled, then you can still study in another country. For a bigger chance, the 2020 autumn semester will be opened, and you can still grasp the opportunity to come to study in good universities in China, instead of missing an opportunity and wasting one year.


Introduction of the Insurance/保险介绍
Price/价格:USD 5/Application (5美金/申请)

Eligibility/资格:All non-Chinese citizens who want to apply for Chinese universities on CUCAS can buy this insurance for application for the 2020 autumn intake submitted before May 31, 2020./所有希望通过CUCAS申请中国大学的非中国公民可以为他们在2020年5月31日之前提交的2020年秋季入学的申请购买此保险。

Content/内容:If the 2020 autumn semester was canceled in the Chinese university you have applied for due to COVID-19, you can get a full refund of service fee and application fee from CUCAS(You need to afford the transaction fee, usually about 7% of the total fee.)/如果你申请的中国大学由于新型冠状病毒肺炎而取消了2020年秋季学期,你可以从CUCAS得到申请费和服务费的退款(你需要承担转账产生的费用,通常是总额的7%左右。)

How to Claim a Refund/如何申请退款:After you have purchased insurance for your application successfully, you can see the word "(Insured)" next to the application ID in the application list in your personal center. When you want to claim a refund, you can simply send that application ID to After our team has confirmed that your case meets the situation described in the insurance content part, we will start the refund process for you. You can receive a refund via PayPal, Payease, bank transfer, Western Union, WeChat and AliPay, the process might take about 2 to 4 weeks, and you are suggested to use PayPal, WeChat or AliPay, which will be more faster./在你购买保险后, 你可以在个人中心的申请列表中,申请ID的旁边看到 "(Insured)" 单词, 你可以发送你的那个申请的ID至 在我们的团队确认你的申请符合保险内容部分描述的情形之后,我们就会为你开始退款程序。你可以通过PayPal, Payease, 银行转账, 西联, 微信和支付宝来接收退款,退款周期有可能会持续2到4周,建议你使用PayPal, 微信或支付宝,退款的流程会快些。

Non-refundable Cases/不可退款情形:You can not get refund for following cases:/在下列情形中你无法获得退款:
1. The university you applied for did not cancel 2020 autumn intake, and you can still study in that unversity in 2020./你所申请的大学并没有取消2020年秋季学期,你还可以在2020年去那里学习。
2. You want to cancel your application due to your personal reasons./你希望由于你个人的原因而取消申请。
3. You did not buy the insurance for your application./你并没有为你的申请购买此保险。
How to Buy Insurance/如何购买保险
Method 1/方法1: You can choose to buy it at the step of online payment./你可以在在线支付的环节里选购这项保险。
(There will be an option for it, you can tick it and pay for it online, and the insurance will be available on all CUCAS platforms before March 6, 2020)./在那里会有选项,你可以勾选它并在线上进行支付购买。保险将在2020年3月6日前在CUCAS所有平台上线。)


Method 2/方法2: If you didn't buy it when applying, you can also click the button below to pay for it, then you need to send payment receipt and your application ID to to get your application insured./如果你在申请的时候没有购买此保险,你还可以点击下方按钮来购买,然后你需要发送你的支付凭据和申请ID到service@cucas.cn来给你的申请加上保险。

Or you can also contact our counselors to guide it through for you./你也可以联系我们的顾问来获得帮助:

Andy WhatsApp:+8618910289593 WeChat: Andy-CUCAS
Catherol WhatsApp:+8618022632578 WeChat: 18022632578
Cathy WhatsApp:+8615811357692 WeChat: 15811357692
Tony WhatsApp:+8618301422176 WeChat: 18301422176
Rita WhatsApp:+8617767786993 WeChat: 13252667475



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