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2015 Fall Semester Tips for International Students in China

Date: September 29, 2014

Summary: The CUCAS team has listed some 2015 fall semester tips to help all the international students in China have a healthy and organized semester.

The 2015 fall semester begins on Monday, the first of September. Here, the CUCAS team will share some tips to help all the international students in China have a healthy and organized semester.

2015 Fall Semester Living Tips

Tip 1: Keep food safe

Food is paramount in daily life. Be sure to keep it safe by following some simple steps. Clean hands and surfaces often, separate foods to avoid cross-contamination and cook foods at the correct temperatures. For students who have recently arrived in China, don’t rush into Chinese food, adapt slowly to avoid stomach issues.

Tip 2: Head outside

This time of year the leaves are bright and colorful on the trees and satisfyingly crunchy under your feet. The (usually) moderate temperature is a reprieve from the sweltering summer heat and a gift before the frigid winter. Spending time outdoors increases your vitamin D levels, makes you happier and improves your concentration.

Tip 3: Get workout

With the change of seasons comes a renewed time to rethink and restart. Fall is a great time to start a fitness program, join a sports or health club such as soccer or Ultimate Frisbee. You will feel a great deal better.

Tip 4: Be prepared for cold weather

Winter is coming! In northern China winters are frigid, cold and dry. Whereas winters in southern China bring the rainy season so expect a variation in temperatures from north to south. Prepare for plenty of rain down south by taking an umbrella or raincoat with you, and wear plenty of layers up north!
Importantly, the colder weather makes you more vulnerable to flus and viruses, so rug up, drink plenty of water and stay warm and dry.

Tip 5: Prevent the flu

The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year in the fall. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often. If you can, stay at home when sick. Pollution also tends to linger closer to ground level for lengthy periods of time during the winter, so if you are an asthmatic or have breathing difficulties, seek your local pharmacist for some breathing masks.


2015 Fall Semester Learning Tips

Tip 1: Pay attention to the school notice

Students should always keep a keen eye on official university websites, to make sure you won’t miss the elective courses application deadline or any other important news.

Tip 2: Communicate with your professor

Professors can explain something differently if you didn’t catch it the first time. That’s especially important for an online course. If your professor has office hours, stop by and discuss strategies in person. This will definitely improve your chance of higher grades.

Tip 3: Make a plan

Keep a planner with you. It is a great way to stay organized and develop a daily routine. By staying organized it allows you to allot a specific amount of time to each task and stay on track!

Tip 4: One step at a time

Study a little each day, make sure to keep up to date with any textbook readings and actively take notes. During final exams your notes will be your best friend.

Tip 5: Find out the library schedule

Many Students find it best to go to the quiet floor in the library to study, as it’s a great spot to go over your notes or read your textbook without the distractions. So make sure to schedule library-time between classes while you're on campus.

A warm thanks to our readers and contributors for the tips, news and updates on our page. The CUCAS team is always happy to provide useful information and quality advice for International students in China. Stay tuned for future updates and more handy advice.

Written by Tina Ma, editor of CUCAS team



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