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CUC Signed MooU with Alibaba Group on Strategic Cooperation

Date: September 25, 2018

Professor Liao Xiangzhong, President of CUC and professor Chen Wenshen, Chairman of the University Council had a meeting with Jack Ma, the founder chairman of Alibaba Group and finalized a memorandum of association (MoU) for bridging gap between academia and industry here at Alibaba headquarter in Hangzhou on last Sunday.


The signing ceremony between CUC and Alibaba Group


This first ever historical cooperation of Alibaba with any university includes programs of jointly training of individuals, innovative entrepreneurship for students, setting up a research centre in Alibaba for faculty of CUC, training of postdoctoral fellows and supporting CUC to improve information and intelligence management.


Representatives of the both sides on the signing ceremony


On the signing ceremony, professor Chen Wenshen expressed that this collaboration between CUC and Alibaba Group in all aspects would be based on win-win situation. Hu Xiaoming, vice chairman of the council and senior vice president of Alibaba Group, president of Aliyun attached great significance to the cooperation which will help connect industry with the academic research. They suggested that regular reviewing talks should be held to promote and make the collaboration efficient.


Chairman Chen Wenshen(left), President Liao Xiangzhong(right) visited the headquarters of Alibaba Group in Hangzhou with Jack Ma(middle)


Jack Ma, after the ceremony, invited Mr. Liao Xiangzhong  and Mr. Chen Wenshen along with their fellows to the board of directors of Alibaba to exchange their opinions about international communication of Chinese culture, artificial intelligence, future media development, county media integration, future education and the cultivation of media talents in the internet environment.


Jack Ma(middle) guided Chairman Chen Wenshen(left) and President Liao Xiangzhong(right) to Ali's office area


Jack Ma, before the conference, guided the delegation to Ali's office area in classical garden style, sharing his perception of painting works and Chinese ancient architecture. On this occasion, Mr.Hu Xiaoming illustrated current situation and future plan of the company to CUC delegation in person at the Alibaba's showroom.



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