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LNNU Held a Grand Commencement for the Graduates of 2015

Date: June 18, 2015

     In the morning of June 18, LNNU held a grand commencement for the graduates of 2015 in the university auditorium. Many leaders such as Gong Fuqing, LNNU Party Secretary of CPC Committee, President Han Zenglin, Vice President Liu Xiangjun, Li Wei, Li Qingwei, and Li Xueming, Su Jian, the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection in LNNU and Song Shulong, the Chief Accountant of LNNU and LNNU Degree Evaluation Committee members. Many other Department leaders and teachers presented the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Su Jian, the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection in LNNU.
     Vice President Liu Xiangjun made a brief introduction to the situations of the graduates. LNNU Degree Evaluation Committee decided to confer Bachelor’s Degree to 3923 students in LNNU with Wan Mingming from the School of Education as a representative and 33 foreign students from the College of International Education with Ryuta Takako as a representative. LNNU Degree Evaluation Committee conferred master’s degree to 1540 postgraduate students with Wang Haiting from the School of Life Science as a representative and doctoral degree to 32 doctoral graduates with Liangbo from the School of PE Education as a representative. Vice President Li Xueming announced the Decision to Give Commendation to Excellent Graduates of 2015. He announced the lists of the receivers of excellent doctoral theses and master’s theses. Thirty-six postgraduates and 76 undergraduates were awarded the Title of Excellent Graduates of Colleges and Universities in Liaoning Province. 55 postgraduates and 107 undergraduates were awarded the Title of Excellent Graduates of  Colleges and Universities in Dalian City. 14 degree theses were awarded Excellent doctoral theses for 2015, and 71 degree theses were awarded Excellent master’s theses for 2015. LNNU leaders awarded prizes to these excellent student representatives.
     With strong music the representatives of doctoral graduates, master graduates and bachelor graduates walk on the stage successively.LNNU leaders awarded the degree certificates and turned the tassels for the graduates.With gratitude to the teachers, graduate representatives offered flowers to 14 teaching staff representatives.
     Bao Defang from the School of Politics and Administration who is majoring in CPC History gave a speech on behalf of all the graduates. She reviewed seven years’ unforgettable experiences in college life and expressed their gratitude, love and blessings to their  old school, teachers and classmates with plain language.
     Junior student Zhang Weiye from the Film and TV Art College, who is the university Student Union Chairperson, on behalf of the undergraduates congratulated on the graduates’ fulfillment of their study and expressed their sincere wishes.
     On behalf of the faculty, Professor Sun Caizhi, Dean of the Research Center for Marine Economy and Sustainable Development gave a speech on behalf of all the teachers of LNNU. He hoped that all the graduates will become noble people with thoughts and responsibility, become dreamers with ideals and pursuits and become students with good learning habits and thinking. At the same time Mr. Sun expressed best wishes to the graduates on behalf of all LNNU teaching staff.
     Zheng Shuqing,1990 alumnus of LNNU, Grade teacher in Liaoning Province , deputy director of Dalian Institute of Educational Sciences, was invited to attend the ceremony and delivered speeches. Zheng Shuqing said that many generations of LNNU people have sweat to win the reputation  of virtue with learning, humbleness , steadfastness,  ability to behave , no complaints , and ability to achieve, which is the imprint given by Alma mater to LNNU people. She shared the experiences teaching in the first line of education management and also encourage brothers and sisters to bear their mission and responsibility on and to add luster to his Alma mater .
     On behalf of the faculty and staff, President Han Zenglin gave congratulations and good wishes to 2015 session’s 5581 students include undergraduate students, graduate students and doctoral students who will leave LNNU. President Han hoped students could think, raise the noble spirit with the unity of knowledge and action and lofty ambition, understand the fear and live with the heart of thanks.
     President Han fondly said with a deep feeling, “You are the youngest, the most active and the most innovative social force, you have to have profound feelings of patriotism, and remember “everyone is responsible for  the rise and fall of the world”. You should adhere to the correct belief in life with integrity of social fashion, distinguish between truth and falsehood and between evil and virtue , and guard our conscience.Alma mater just hope all of you will become modern citizens with patriotic, law-abiding, honest, and polite behaviors to win the respect in the community  and to become the people who can be trusted in the post and can be relied on in the family. We have to fear life, fear the law and the glory of the sky above our head and the earth beneath our feet. Be thankful for the times, be grateful for life, be thankful for the truth, and be thankful for each person you meet. Only to understand the awe and gratitude, you can be strict with yourselves and be broad-minded toward others and calm and smile to life. The students gave warm applause to the president’s simple and touching words.
      “Bohai pearl is shining. Liaoning Normal University are beautiful and broad.  Green plants give fragrance. Our youth lives with high ambition...”Familiar  school song sounded again, another generation of students are ready to leave LNNU.

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