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The Opening Ceremony for 2019 Undergraduate Students of Southeast University

Date: August 27, 2019


On the morning of August 26, the Opening Ceremony for 2019 Undergraduate Students of Southeast University was held at Jiulonghu Campus Gymnasium. School CPC Committee Secretary Zuo Wei, President Zhang Guangjun, Executive Vice President Wang Baoping, Ren Lijian, Deputy Secretary of the School CPC Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Vice President Huang Dawei, President Assistant Liu Naifeng, responsible comrades of various colleges and departments, and almost 4,000 freshmen from all over the country attended the opening ceremony together. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zheng Jiamao, Deputy Secretary of the School CPC Committee.



At 9 o’clock in the morning, the National Flag Guard of Southeast University entered the stadium. In the sound of the national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly, which officially unveiled the Opening Ceremony for 2019 Undergraduate Students.
    President Zhang Guangjun spoke at the opening ceremony.



At the ceremony, Zhang Guangjun delivered a speech titled “keeping in mind the original aspiration and the mission, take the courage to become the leading talents”. On behalf of the school, he expressed his congratulations and welcome to the 3,982 undergraduate freshmen. Upon the historical moment of striving for the “two-centennial” goal and the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the students are not only the outstanding performers in the new era, but also the first batch of elites enrolled and to be cultivated by Southeast University in a large category. He pointed out that Southeast University as chosen by the students is a sacred place for study highlighting a long history and profound knowledge in pursuit of excellence. Generations of Southeast University people have been adhering to the philosophy of “striving for perfection”, and have thus created the initial aspiration and mission of “getting renowned with science and contributing the country with talents.” The current Southeast University is shouldering the new mission of flourishing the country with education, science and technology, composing a new chapter of constructing the first-class university and striving for perfection, and establishing the “1-10-100” vision of Southeast University’s Dream. Zhang Guangjun emphasized that the new era faced by contemporary youth would not only be the best era for the development of the Chinese nation in modern times, but also a key era for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the face of a more sacred and arduous mission of the times, students have to contemplate: what kind of person do you want to be? what is your value pursuit? how could you embrace the new era and strivein the new era? Zhang Guangjun pointed out that the school would be committed to cultivating students and ultimately expect students to become the leading talents highlighting patriotism and international view, who can lead the future and benefit mankind. Besides, President Zhang shared the four connotations of leading talents: first of all, it is prerequisite to cultivate the patriotism. The students are expected to inherit the Chinese cultural genes, establish the lofty aspirations, nourish the patriotism with the spirit of “striving for perfection”, integrate the realization of personal dreams and family dreams into the national dreams. Moreover, the students should take root in the people, contribute to the country, always get integrated with the destiny of the country and the times. Secondly, the international view shall be shared and expanded. The students shall be confident and open-minded, have the concept and thinking of openness and sharing, carry forward the spirit of Chinese cultures of “all people belonging to one family” and “the whole world as one community”, and strive to improve their global competence at a higher position and with further vision so as to accumulate energy for accessing the center of the global stage. Thirdly, the students should lead the future with innovation. They are expected to inherit Southeast University's courage and wisdom of “getting renowned with science”, practice the ability of independent innovation diligently. In this case, the students could advance, become stronger, win and lead the future with innovation. Fourthly, the students should strive for the benefit of mankind. They are expected to make unremitting efforts and conscious actions, and strive to contribute more Chinese wisdom, Chinese programs and Chinese power to the world, create value and achieve a greater self in the course of contributing to the times and benefiting the mankind.

Finally, Zhang Guangjun cited General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent expectations for the younger generation. He hoped that the students would consciously establish and practice the core values of socialism and bloom in the vast world of reform and opening up in the new era. Zhang Guangjun sincerely expected to join hands with the students to write the story of Southeast University, cast the dream of China, compose the chapter of the times, and wish all the students to have a happy career and life journey in Southeast University, keep in mind the original aspiration firmly, be bold to become the leading talents, embrace the new era, take on the new mission and strive for a new journey with youth.


Deputy Secretary Zheng Jiamao presided over the opening ceremony.


Teachers’ representative Prof. Wen Guanghui from the School of Mathematics addressed at the opening ceremony.


On-campus students’ representative Wang Shuo addressed at the opening ceremony.


Freshmen representative Zhang Youhan addressed at the opening ceremony.


Freshmen of the School of Medicine swore an oath.


Prof. Wen Guanghui, an 80’s doctoral tutor from the School of Mathematics, the winner of national outstanding youth foundation and a globally highly-cited scientist in the field of engineering, spoke as the teachers’ representative. He shared his insights on the topic that “what kind of person he/she is to be” and encouraged the freshmen to be a Southeast University person highlighting patriotism, innovation and incorporating the spirit of “striving for perfection” into the blood. The students’ representative Wang Shuo from 2017 Guo Bingwen Class and the freshmen representative Zhang Youhan from the engineering experimental class (the category of automation and electrical measurement and control) also spoke at the opening ceremony.

Under the leadership of Prof. Liu Naifeng, President Assistant and Dean of the School of Medicine, all the freshmen of the School of Medicine took the oath as a medical practitioner. The opening ceremony was successfully concluded in the chorus “Southeast University’s Anthem”.

Before the official commencement of the ceremony, the teachers and students on the site watched the short video regarding the freshmen’s registration sidelights titled “Love You Long and Gather at Southeast University”. All the people present listened to the feelings and messages from the freshmen, the parents, and teachers and students on campus. 



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