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(Combating New Pneumonia) Education Experts in Kyrgyzstan: Please Rest Assured, Relatives of International Students in China.

Date: February 17, 2020

Summary: To ensure that the lives of international students in China are not affected, the Kyrgyz government pays close attention to the status of international students in China. After learning that the government has taken effective measur...

"Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus in China, I have been in contact with an international student in Wuhan. This student lives very well in Wuhan and has sufficient food. The government and schools have taken effective protective measures. It shows that the local society is stable, and please be assured of the relatives of Kyrgyzstan students studying in China. " Sofia Apayeva, dean of the Kyrgyz Central Department of the Kyrgyz National University for Nationalities, said.

On January 31, 2020, local time in Kyrgyzstan, a round table meeting on the theme "Measures taken by the Chinese government to prevent and control new coronavirus" was held in Bishkek. Representatives from all walks of life including education experts, jurists, politicians and social activists attended the meeting. Experts learned and discussed China's ongoing epidemic prevention and control work, and expressed that the measures taken by China have produced positive results, believing that China can control the epidemic as soon as possible.

Kyrgyzstan National University President Khanat Sadkov said: "Kyrgyzstan and China live next to each other, and the two countries have close ties in many fields. The healthy development of China also affects the hearts of countless Kyrgyz people.

Kailat osmonaliev, a well-known law professor in Kyrgyzstan and honorary professor of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, believes that China is engaged in an anti epidemic war without smoke of gunpowder. The series of rapid response of the Chinese government to the epidemic is the embodiment of China's strength and national coordination ability. He firmly believes that the Chinese government will take the shortest time to effectively control the epidemic.

SuBai anabek, vice president of Kyrgyzstan China Friendship Association, said that the Chinese government puts people's life safety and health first. Every province, city and even village has set up epidemic prevention and control working groups to timely, accurately, openly and transparently release epidemic information to the international community. Fortunately, the number of people discharged from rehabilitation is growing.

Alai Shamhiyev, director of the Kyrgyzstan University Teacher Training Center, suggested that the book "Protection of New Coronavirus Infection" recently published in China could be translated into Russian and published in Kyrgyzstan, to popularize the people of Kyrgyzstan the knowledge about pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection and help everyone learn self-protection methods.

Alberto edosov, a Kyrgyz politician and one of the organizers of the round table, said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, China has helped Kyrgyz countries in various fields such as industry, energy and infrastructure construction. Now that China has encountered difficulties, Kyrgyz countries should also extend a hand of friendship to "our brothers".

"We must thank the Chinese government for its rapid, organized and positive response to the epidemic, which has provided clear and objective information to the world. In the face of major disasters, the indomitable indomitable spirit of the Chinese people is worth learning from each country, and the response measures taken by the Chinese government are worth learning from. " Kara ajibekova, Secretary of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan, said.



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