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A Brief Analysis of The Influence on Study in China by COVID-19

Date: April 29, 2020

Summary: CUCAS has surveyed study in China in 2020 among over 300 international students, and this article is about to share the analysis of the influence on study in China by COVID-19 according to different aspects and data based on bot...

A Brief Analysis of The Influence on Study in China by COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant influence to many industries around the world, one of the most-hit is study abroad in other countries. There are a lot of students would like to study abroad in other countries, not only for gaining knowledge but also for experiencing new culture to build them better ones. China, which was becoming one more and more popular destination in recent years is also being influenced by this pandemic in the industry of study in China. Some scientists predicted that the pandemic may last until the end of 2020, or even longer time before the vaccine was invented or the virus was totally controlled. Although China and many countries are now developing the vaccine, and China stated that their first vaccine against the deadly COVID-19 for emergency use might be available by September and for the general public early next year, the pandemic has already brought an influence to the industry of study in China.

COVID-19大流行病已经为全球许多行业带来了重大影响,受影响最大的行业之一就是出国留学。很多学生愿意去出国留学,不仅可以学习新的知识,而且还能体验不同的文化,从而塑造一个更好的自己。 中国,这个近年来成为越来越受国际留学生青睐的留学目的地,其来华留学行业也在遭受这次大流行病的影响。一些科学家预测这场大流行病在疫苗被研发出来或者完全控制住之前可能会持续到2020年底,甚至更久。尽管中国和很多其他国家现在在研制疫苗,而且中国表示其第一支针对COVID-19病毒疫苗可能会在今年9月被研发出来用于紧急情况下使用,到2020年初就可以研制出面向大众的疫苗,但这次大流行病也已经给来回留学行业带来了影响。

CUCAS has surveyed study in China in 2020 among over 300 international students, and this article is about to share the analysis of the influence on study in China by COVID-19 according to different aspects and data based on both international students and Chinese universities. The number of students applying for Chinese universities is declining, however, we have also found some interesting things that showed unexpected information through the survey.

CUCAS在300多名国际学生中开展了 关于在2020年来华留学的调查,本文将分享基于不方面因素以及国际学生和中国大学的数据而做出的 COVID-19对来华留学所造成影响的简要分析。 申请中国大学的学生在减少,不过我们通过此调查也发现了一些预料之外的信息。

Influence on Students/对学生的影响
According to the survey we made among over 300 international students, you can see the influence on students already caused by the pandemic./根据我们在超过300多名国际学生的调查,可以看到这次大流行病给学生带来的影响。

1: Will you study in China in 2020?/你是否想在2020年来中国上学?

It is an unexpected result that over 85.43% of students still plan to study in China in 2020, but this percentage changes according to question 2 below. (Although the survey was made online on the CUCAS website, whose visitors are usually already intended to study in China, the rate of students who want to study in China in 2020 are still higher than expected).

意料之外的是超过85.43%的学生仍然计划在2020年来中国读书, 但这个比例根据下方的第二个问题可以看出发生了一点变化。(尽管此调查是在CUCAS网站上进行的,访问者多是已经打算来中国上学的人,但希望在2020年来中国读书学生的比例还是超过了预期)。



2. When do you plan to study in China??/你计划何时来中国上学?

Most students chose the option of study in China in 2020 September intake, it seems some students have made new choices when they saw more specific semester options, but in the answers for the option "Other", 60% of students actually stated that they want to study in China in 2020(20% of them wrote 2022), so the percentage of students who want to study in China in 2020 is still about 80%.




3. What are your main concerns besides the virus?/除了病毒之外,你最担心的是什么事情?

Most students are concerned about the influences for the classes, whether or not the program can be available in 2020 September or will it be instructed online or offline. In the “Other” option, about 20% of students expressed their concern about not able to provide all application documents due to the current situation.

大多数学生比较担心对课程所带来的影响,相关课程是否可以在2020年9月开课, 将会在线上还是线下授课。 在“其他”选项里,约20%的学生表达了他们对由于目前状况而无法及时提交所有申请材料的担忧。


4. Do your parents support your idea of study in China?/你的父母是否支持你来华留学的想法?

The feedback shows that most students' parents still support their idea of study in China.



5. What services do you expect for this year?/你希望今年可以获得什么样的服务?

More students are expecting one-on-one guidance for this year, since they will face more problems than usual, for example, they cannot provide all documents under such situation, will there be a quarantine after they arrived China? what if the September intake was canceled as well? when will the policy of banning foreigners to China be canceled? Both Chinese universities and agencies need to do more work than before in this year to offer necessary help.



Influence on Universities/对中国大学的影响
CUCAS has also made a research of the influence on 66 Chinese universities, the influence is huge./CUCAS也对66所中国大学所受的影响进行了研究,影响是巨大的。

1. All Chinese universities in the survey have canceled the 2020 Spring Semester for newly enrolled international students./调查中的所有中国大学都取消了面向新国际学生的春季学期。


2. How many Chinese universities will cancel the 2020 autumn intake for newly enrolled international students?/多少所中国大学会取消面向新录取国际学生的2020秋季学期?

CUCAS has made another research for 64 Chinese universities for whether or not they will cancel 2020 September intake in the middle of April 2020, and only 3%(2 universities) told CUCAS that they will cancel the 2020 September intake and stop accepting new applications from international students in this year. And by now 25% of them told CUCAS that even if the pandemic is not controlled in this year, they will still accept new students for 2020 September intake, and they will adopt online teaching by then.



Concluding Remarks/结语

1. A lot of international students still want to study in China in 2020, and it is also a chance to let the world know what is really happening in China, we believe the Chinese government will take all factors into consideration and take correct measures in time./很多国际学生还想在2020年来中国上学,这也是让世界了解中国实际情况的机会,我们相信中国政府会综合考虑不同因素,及时采取正确的措施。

2. For international students who want to study in China in 2020, you are suggested to be well prepared for the possibility of being taught online for one semester or even longer time./希望在2020年来中国大学上学的国际留学生最好做好充分的准备,以应对第一学期甚至更长时间接受线上授课的可能性。

3. Chinese universities are suggested to adopt more flexible policies for international students for this special year./在这样一个特殊的年份里,中国大学应该对国际留学生采取更加灵活的政策。

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