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Application Guide for Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College in 2023

Date: May 19, 2023

Summary: Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Shandong Provincial People's Government. It is a national high-quality water conservancy higher vocational college, a...

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College is a provincial public-run full-time ordinary college. It is a vocational college with water conservancy as its specialty and engineering as its advantage. It has more than 60 years of history of vocational education.

1. Electronic Commerce (International Trade) Scholarship

There are various scholarship providers for applying to Chinese universities, for more information about how you can study at Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College in China through scholarship programs and many other opportunities, you can search through CUCAS Fu Scholarship.

. Scholarship Coverage

1st prize: Free tuition.

2nd prize: 50% of tuition fee deduction.


After three years of study, students will be able to study for another 2 years of bachelor’s degree.

. Eligibility

1. Non-Chinese citizen

2. Physical and moral health

3. Excellent Achievements

. Documents You Need to Provide 

1. Application form for foreign students from Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College to study in China;

2. Resume;

3. A copy of the passport and 1 e-passport photo within the validity period;

4. A copy of my high school graduation certificate, graduation transcript (notarized), or original certificate of university enrollment;

5. Chinese or English language proficiency certificate;

6. Proof of no criminal record;

7. Medical certificate;

8. If you have work experience, you must submit relevant work certificates;

9. Proof of financial ability.

10. Under 18 years old need provide your parents' authorization letter, and the consignee's passport page and visa page.

. International Cooperation

The depth and breadth of the international exchange and cooperation of Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College have been further expanded. It has established more than 10 universities in 7 countries or regions, such as Russian State Agricultural University, Malaysian City University, Korea International University, Taiwan Kunshan University of Science and Technology, and Chaoyang University of Science and Technology. We have established stable and friendly relations of cooperation and implemented 12 international cooperation projects. The school has carried out long-term and in-depth cooperation with the Russian National Agricultural University and the Ivanovo National Chemical University of Russia. The quality of Sino-Russian cooperative education has been continuously improved. The international students dispatched have achieved full coverage of undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees, and cultivated nearly 500 internationally acquainted students. Standard international talents; in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Russia, the only Russian State Foreign Language Proficiency Test (Training) Center covering East China and North China has been established, and a group of bilingual talents serving the strategic cooperation between China and Central Asian countries has been cultivated.

. Internship

In the 3rd year, students in this program are allowed to do one year paid internship in one of the following 3 Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College partner companies:


(Beijing E-Commerce Alliance Network Technology Co., Ltd.(Translation))


Job: E-commerce short video, e-commerce live broadcast


(Qingdao Cross-border E-commerce Incubation Base Co., Ltd. (Translation))


Job: E-commerce customer service, e-commerce operation, e-commerce live broadcast


(Yitu Digital Technology Group.(Translation))

工作: 电商直播、短视频制作、电商美工、电商运营

Job: E-commerce live broadcast, short video production, e-commerce art, e-commerce operation

Students with a great performance during internships could earn a salary of up to 10,000 RMB/month.

. Teaching Equipment

The total area of the college is 1595 acres, the total building area of the school building is 644,000 square meters, the total value of teaching equipment is 138 million yuan, and the library has more than 1.02 million books. The school has 117 on-campus training venues such as hydraulic training grounds, engineering construction training centers, machining centers, logistics storage and distribution centers, and 13 schools that integrate student training, training, and vocational skills certification. Factory “, and cooperated with enterprises to build more than 300 full-featured off-campus training bases. Among them, the construction engineering technology training base is a vocational education training base construction project supported by the central government, and the hydraulic training ground is a national water conservancy key professional practice training base.

. Faculty Strength

Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College has introduced and trained a group of professional leaders and backbone teachers with industry influence in China. It has built a high-level expert resource pool composed of enterprise experts, technical backbones, skilled craftsmen, etc., forming a reasonable structure “Double-teacher” faculty with excellent business, noble ethics, innovation, and vitality. The school currently has 630 full-time teachers, of which 35% have senior professional and technical titles of associate professors and above, 42% have master’s degrees and above, and the professional-teacher ratio of professional teachers is 72%. Teachers won 2-second prizes and 3 third prizes in teacher skills competitions such as the National Informatization Teaching Competition; 11 first and second prizes in teacher skills competitions such as the Teaching Ability Competition in Shandong Vocational Colleges 10 items. 

Any student who would like to study at Shandong Water Conservancy Vocational College via scholarship programs can find CUCAS for application.




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