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CUCAS Application Process Upgraded: 4 Great New Features

Date: August 17, 2019

Summary: We have upgraded our self-sponsored program's online application process! A lot of changes have been made to make applying for a Chinese university on CUCAS much easier than before!

CUCAS Application Process Upgraded: 4 Great New Features

Dear Students:

We are so glad to tell you that in the past week, we have upgraded our self-sponsored program's online application process! Usually it takes about less than 10 minutes to submit an application on CUCAS, with this advantage being well kept, we have made a lot of changes to make applying for a Chinese university on CUCAS much easier than before. You can experience more than 50 new features through the application process now(Currently, it is only available on PC, in each program page you can click the Apply Now button to experience it), and today we would like to introduce 4 major great ones of them for you.

NO.1 All-New Design

We have redesigned every page in the online application process, to bring a better and more comfortable experience to our applicants. The color, elements, and content are now better blended in a new way which makes you feel more comfortable and much easier when you are doing an online application.

We have also added more new elements, such as question mark tooltip, icons and process flow diagram, to help new applicants easily understand items in the application form, requirements of application documents and each part of the application process and finish it quickly.

NO.2 Application Guide

We have created a brand new application guide for you right at the beginning page where the online application starts. Some of the important tips in the guide are:

1. The Minimum number of students required: For some programs, especially short-term programs, Chinese universities require a minimum number of students before they can open a class. Usually you cannot find this information when you apply online. We have added the requirement of the minimum number of students and how many students have submitted applications on CUCAS for the current intake, so that you can see how may students are still possibly in need and understand the potential risk of applying for this program.

2. Success rate: You can now see the success rate of the current program you are applying for on the top right corner of the page. The success rate is automatically calculated by our system based on our database.

3. The number of applicants from the same country: At the same place you can see the overall success rate, you can also see how many applicants of this program on CUCAS are from your country. So that you can know whether or not this program is popular in your country, and see the possibility of meeting people from your country in your class.

By this feature, we want all of you have a better understanding of the program you are applying for and make the best choice before you start the entire application process.

NO.3 Progress Bar

We have added a Progress Bar that indicates you the percentages you have completed for the online application process. It is displayed through the entire application process and follows you when you scroll the page so that you can easily understand what you have achieved and how long will it still take for the rest.

And we didn't stop there. Another great thing is that now your online application will be automatically saved in every 3 seconds, in case losing data when you forgot to click the Save button manually. It means that your application is saved simultaneously when each time you see the Progress Bar grows.

NO.4 PostPay Application

Most Importantly, In order to provide further help to excellent students who are currently in short of funds, we have added PostPay application in the process. Those excellent students could now submit applications on CUCAS without any payment in advance.

After you filled the application form and uploaded your application documents, at the payment step, in every day, our system will release 5 PostPay application quotas to help excellent students in short of funds temporarily to submit applications without payment. Instead of making payment online, at this step you can choose to submit a PostPay application, you will need to submit a personal statement to fully elaborate your idea of studying in China, provide certificates to prove your excellency and upload a self-introduction video. Our team will evaluate all information of your PostPay application, and your application will be submitted on CUCAS without any advance payment if it passed our review. You will only need to pay the service fee and application fee after you were accepted by the university you applied for.

Are you an excellent student? Try to submit a PostPay application on CUCAS and check it out!:)

CUCAS has always been dedicated to providing the best service to international students, our team will bring more and more new great features to make study in China easier for you!
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions:



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