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CUCAS Brings You Closer to BLCU

Date: September 16, 2014

Summary: Beijing Language and Culture University has the main aim of teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. It is often called "Little United Nations"

Beijing Language and Culture University has the main aim of teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. It is often called "Little United Nations" in China because of its very large amount of international students from various countries.

On September 15th, Tina and Jay from CUCAS team visited Beijing Language and Culture University. Hope this artical can help you learn more about BLCU.


Classroom in BLCU                                                                                              

The classroom in BLCU is very clean and tidy. And there's an air conditioner and multimedia player in it, that will surely make the study environment better.


Dorm in BLCU                                                                                                   

Our colleagues were not allowed to go into the dorm since they are not the students of BLCU. As you can see, it is very safe to live in the dorm.


Gym in BLCU                                                                                                    

Isn't that gym look great. To do exercise here, you need to get a mumbership card. Guess what, the swimming pool inside is nice and clean, that's the best place to go in summer.


Selfstudy room in BLCU                                                                                         

The selfstudy room in BLCU is lovely. Wooden chair and table make you feel like in a quiet forest, beautiful carpet makes you feel like in a royal library, the sunlight go through windows and bring you warmth.


Food in BLCU                                                                                                   

You can find almost every kind of food in BLCU, Korean food、 French food etc. The picture above is the cafe in BLCU. The sofa is soft, the environment is romantic and the food is amazing here too.


Student Assessment                                                                                             

Our colleagues also interviewed some international students in BLCU. Here are some of their assesments:

"The teachers in BLCU are very nice and patient."

"The environment in BLCU is good for studying."

"The food in BLCU is various and tasty."

"The dorm in BLCU is cozy and safe."

"The facilities in BLCU are morden."

Are you ready to be the next student in BLCU?



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