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China's Fight Against Epidemic in the Eyes of Students Studying in China

Date: February 16, 2020

Summary: While studying, international students are also watching the progress of the fight against the epidemic across China, and believe that China will definitely survive this crisis.

"Although the school's strict management staff has gone in and out, daily life has not been affected much. Usually the class is very busy. Now I can spend more time to make up for my vulnerable subjects." Said Alexander, a Pakistani student studying at Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, he is still living a normal life of studying abroad, except that in the evening, he and his family have video links to report peace.

Affected by the epidemic, many Chinese universities have formulated student work plans during the epidemic, and special personnel are responsible for mapping the situation of international students in China. Some also carry out strict personnel access management on the campus, equipping international students with temperature measurement, disinfection and other tools to fully protect the safety of international students in China.

On February 4th, MARVA ASHIQ, an international student at Shanxi Medical University, and her sisters wrote a "Cheer up" tag for China and Wuhan. (Photo courtesy of interviewee)

Wang Li, an Afghan student at Taiyuan University of technology, fully understands the measures taken by the university to restrict the free access of personnel. "This is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus and protect the safety of more people."

Zhao Guojun, secretary of the Party branch of the International Exchange College of Taiyuan University of Technology, said that in order to protect the lives of international students, the college purchased materials and delivered them to them every two days. At the same time, it opened online chat and psychological counseling services to help everyone through this special period.

"I will defend my dissertation in June, and now all my energy is on the dissertation. In order not to affect our studies, the college has launched the HSK Chinese course, and also arranged excellent international master students to tutor other students." Wang Li believes this is a very humane move.

Chu Yuezhe, with a "dreadlock", is lively. She is from Nigeria and is a sophomore in computer science at Shanxi University. In the early days of the outbreak, her mother made three phone calls a day to urge her to go home. "I let her know through the video that the school has done a lot to protect our health." Chu Yuezhe said, the tasks arranged by the instructor can be completed in the dormitory, if you want to exercise, you can exercise in the activity room, and daily life is very regular.

On February 5, Chu Yuezhe, an international student at Shanxi University, was studying online courses in the study room.

Statistics from the Education Department of Shanxi Province show that as of February 5, there were 748 international students in the province. "We pay close attention to the development of each international student, and from January 21, we have required schools to take comprehensive measures to ensure that international students can study and live safely and happily during this special period." Han Ruiyong, director of the communication department, said.

While studying, international students are also watching the progress of the fight against the epidemic in various parts of China, and believe that China will definitely survive this difficulty.

"I've never seen such a powerful mobilization force as China. The country quickly assisted Wuhan across the country to build a 1,000-bed hospital in ten days." Alexander said, "I don't think there is any difficulty to defeat the Chinese people!"

"Now Wuhan is 'ill'. I believe China will cure him. Wuhan, the whole world is with you." Baixue, a Kazakh student from Nankai University, recorded a video to cheer Wuhan up.

Some time ago, Bai Xue's mother was worried about her and wanted her to go home. "I told her that I was very good in China and that the school was safe." When the mother heard that the school had protective measures such as temperature detection, medical masks, and strict control of outsiders in and out, the mother was relieved to let Bai Xue take care of herself .

On February 5, the teacher in charge of the International Education Exchange College of Shanxi University took the temperature of this Ukrainian student BAROK YULIIA.

In the Spring Festival this year, a total of nearly 246 international students from Nankai University stayed at the school. According to Ou Yingxi, deputy director of the School's International Academic Exchange Office, the school promotes scientific prevention and control knowledge through various channels, reports the latest situation, and takes various measures to ensure the safety of international students.

Qin Menglan, an international student from Armenia, is a graduate student at the School of Chinese Language and Culture of Nankai University. In the summer of 2015, Qin Menglan visited Wuhan and Huanggang, visited Huanghelou, Wuhan University and other places. "I still remember the lively, green and beautiful Wuhan. In Huanggang, I met a Chinese girl, and we often chat. These are all fond memories of Hubei."

After the outbreak, disinfecting the dormitory, measuring body temperature, and reporting to the teacher every day became part of Qin Menglan's school life. Qin Menglan said: "I believe everything will be okay. It will take a little time and patience. Cheer up‘ Angel in White ’, cheer up Wuhan, cheer up China.”

"In the beginning, I was also worried, but there are schools and teachers protecting us, increasing our sense of security, and now I am gradually reassuring." Vietnamese student Nguyen Thi Nguyen from Nankai University said that Wuhan is a heroic city, "wait until the spring blooms. At that time, Wuhan, we will definitely meet. "




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