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Highest Level Business Program at Joint Venture College - SBC

Date: March 27, 2019

Summary: Ideal for anyone wishing to advance their knowledge, skills, ability and career prospects in business.


The Sino-British College

The Sino-British College, USST (SBC) is an international university college established as a Joint Venture (JV) by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) and nine partner universities of the Northern Consortium UK.

As a higher education institution and JV, SBC is unique in two respects. First, it is the only such JV involving British universities approved to operate in Shanghai. Second, it offers approved pathways to 9 universities, allowing considerable choice, in terms of programmes and number and type of university, for students to continue their studies.

The SBC team is committed to offering international degree education at the very highest level with continuing support from partner universities in both China and the UK.

1. Facilities

1. Library

The SBC Library has a wide range of textbooks, novels, journals, newspapers, and electronic resources for students to use.

2. IT Support

2. Faculty

SBC currently has nearly 80 international faculty members dispersed among 3 academic Schools. Currently, the majority of Year 4 lectures are conducted by faculty from partner universities with tutors from SBC. All USST modules are covered by teaching faculty from USST.


Business Management


This program is ideal for anyone wishing to advance their knowledge, skills, ability and career prospects in business. Business Management is a broad subject incorporating the business, economics, finance, and marketing among other relevant disciplines.

Basic Information




4 Years

Teaching Language


Starting Date

Sep 18, 2019

Application Deadline

Sep 1, 2019

Fee Structure




From ¥15,000 to ¥18,000

/per academic year



Living Cost

About ¥2,000/month

Application Fee


Service Fee


1. Highlights

No Application Fee but a Registration Fee of CNY5,000

-Graduates receive a degree from Sheffield Hallam University and have the opportunity to also obtain a ‘dual degree’ from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

-Students are taught by academics that come from a variety of industries and locations from around the world

-The Business Management Degree is aligned to UK professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

-Students are assessed by coursework, reports, essays, and exams and are expected to complete an independent research or consultancy project that enhances their research skills

-Skills learnt include problem-solving, decision-making, negotiation, research and project management.

2. Training Target

During the three years, you will study a broad range of subjects, explore several career paths as it develops your knowledge in a diverse range of sectors in the 21st century.

3. Career Plan

Some students proceed to Master studies while others gain employment in all types of sectors and organizations. After graduation, students are extremely well-positioned in the job market given that they hold a highly-regarded and internationally recognized degree from a respected U.K. university, but they also have international experience and language skills that enable them to stand out amongst peers.
After graduation, you will have the experience and skills to analyze a commercial opportunity, manage a project, solve problems, be able to operate in different cultures, communicate with other people and ultimately lead them.

4. Internship & Job

Sino-British College, USST offers lots of internships opportunities for students. Their career services department will deliver the newest information about the internship both on-campus and off-campus. Just contact them directly for application after school begins. 


Life in SBC


1. Activities

In Sino-British College, USST, you can engage in whatever activities you want. There are various student societies range from business practice societies and arts & culture societies to learning society and technology innovation society.


2. Accommodation

International Accommodation is conveniently located beside the English Tea room and Canteen. It also provides accommodation for students from overseas with a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

These recently renovated apartments have been installed with essential furniture and equipment, and each room comes with its own separate washbasin, shower and lavatory.



Shared 2-bed  Room

¥18,000/person/academic year

Shared 4-bed  Room

¥15,000/person/academic  year

2. Dining

The Dining Room is conveniently only 3 minutes walking distance from the International Student Apartments. Meals are simple Chinese style and very affordable, and you will see students and staff from all over the world eat together here.




Entry Requirements

  • Academic Requirements

1) A-Level:DD (Maths for Engineering)

2) IB:24 Points

3) SATs: Successful completion of a High School Diploma with a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale(or equivalent) Plus SAT Reasoning Test(also known as SAT I)with scores of 590 in each of the three tests plus Two SAT Subject Tests(also known as SAT II)with scores of 550 or above in each test.

4) AP: Successful completion of a High School Diploma with a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale(or equivalent)Plus APs with two subjects at grade 3 and one subject at grade 4

  • English Language Requirements

IELTS 5.0(Additional EAP Classes needed with IELTS 5.5)


Application Materials

1) Academic Transcripts

2) Graduation Certificate

3) English proficiency certificate


For applicants who are in China: If you are an employee, you still need to provide employment separation certificate and your current residence permit. If you are a student, you need to provide a transfer certificate, leaving certificate, certificate of attendance rate issued by previous school and your current residence permit.


Application Process

Step 1

Click here to jump to the application page

Step 2

Click the “Apply Now” button and log in or register an account.

Step 3

Fill in the application form and upload complete documents.

Step 4

Pay $50 service fee.

Step 5

Just wait for the notification from CUCAS team.


For inquiry, you can contact one of our counselors below:


WhatsApp: +8618910289593

WeChat: Andy-CUCAS


WhatsApp: +8615811357692

Wechat: 15811357692


WhatsApp: +8618301422176

Wechat: 18301422176


WhatsApp: +8617767786993

Wechat: 17767786993


Here are 3 questions that international students most curious about this program:

Where is SBC? 

SBC is based in a beautiful historic campus in the heart of the city of Shanghai.

How about the vicinity?

The Shanghai Library and the Harmony Hospital are located close to each other just 2 minutes by bus or taxi from SBC campus, and the newly built Shanghai Culture Square is right across the Shaanxi South Road.

 Is there any airport pick-up service? 

Yes, CUCAS can offer you airport pick-up service if you apply through us. You can book this service on the homepage of CUCAS after you log in your own account:


If you are curious about a certain program, you can tell us, too. We will find the most detailed information about it for you.

Long press the QR code and subscribe us on WeChat for more information.
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