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How to Apply to Northeast Petroleum University Scholarships in 2023

Date: March 24, 2023

Summary: NEPU was in the first batch of universities that qualified the Educational Department of the People’s Republic of China’s requirements to offer admissions to international students.

Northeast Petroleum University is one of China’s National Key Universities. The university is a dedicated center of engineering studies and research, which also offers courses in many other disciplines including science, business administration, literature, law, and education. NEPU was in the first batch of universities that qualified the Educational Department of the People’s Republic of China’s requirements to offer admissions to international students. It’s high-level at the Key University of Heilongjiang. Northeast Petroleum University’s main campus is located in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, along with its branch campus located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province.

1. Featured Programs

As a national key university and provincial regular institution of higher learning, the university mainly offers undergraduate programs with increasingly enlarging graduate programs. 11 engineering specialties can award a master of engineering degree. It has national key disciplines and key laboratories of the China Ministry of Education.


Long-term Chinese Program


1. Business Administration(Taught in English)

2. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation(Taught in English)

The major mainly cultivates interdisciplinary advanced talents who will master fundamental knowledge and theories including Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Electrics, etc., guided by China CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate) Engineering Education Model and the Excellent Engineer Training Program, possess basic knowledge and application capabilities of machinery design, machinery manufacturing, and mechatronics, have better scientific literacy and engineering consciousness, a strong sense of social responsibility and good professional ethics, and can work in product design. manufacturing. R&D, equipment management. engineering technique services. etc. in the fields of petroleum.petrochemical, manufacturing, and other industrial departments.

3. Petroleum Engineering(Taught in English)

4. Building Environment and Energy Engineering

5. Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

6. Computer Science and Technology(Taught in English)

7. Geophysics

8. Resource Exploration Engineering

9. Geochemistry

10. Geology

11. Petroleum Engineering

12. Chemical Engineering and Technology

13. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

14. Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

15. Prospecting Technology and Engineering

16. Civil Engineering

17. Building Environment and Energy Engineering

18. Software Engineering

19. Business Administration

20. Chinese Language and Literature


1. Petroleum Engineering

2. Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering(Taught in English)

3. Mineral Survey and Exploration

4. Earth Exploration and Information Technology

5. Geological Engineering

6. Mineralogy, Petrology, Ore Deposits Geology

7. Geochemistry

8. Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering(Taught in Chinese)

This program aims is designed to foster interdisciplinary talents who can engage in technology development, engineering design construction, project planning, and management in the domain of oil and gas engineering. Students are expected to achieve a deep understanding of the theoretical basis, advanced technology, and modern technical approaches in this field, be skilled in engineering design and operation, analysis and integration, research and development, management and making decisions in a certain specialization, be equipped with remarkable practical ability and innovative capability, develop a rigorous scientific approach and behave ethically, have a good command of a foreign language and computer.

9. Petroleum Engineering

10. Mechanical Engineering

11. Software Engineering

Application requirements

1. The applicant must not be a citizen of the People’s Republic of China and must be in good health.

2. Academic requirements for the applicant:

a. Chinese language learner: must have received high school education or equivalent or higher education;

b. Undergraduate: must have received high school education or equivalent or higher education;

c. Post-graduate: must have received undergraduate education or equivalent or higher education;

d. Ph.D.: must have received post-graduate education or equivalent or higher education;

e. Applicants for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. courses must reach Band 4 in the new HSK test; those who have not yet reached Band 4 can take the language preparatory course first, and then transfer to his or her major class after qualifying.

Time of Admission

Students applying for courses that do not provide a diploma can enter at any time;

Students applying for courses with a diploma must be enrolled before September 1st.

2. Scholarship Programs

There are currently 10 programs that can apply for scholarships.

1. Long-term Chinese Program

2. Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering (Master)

3. Chinese Language and Literature

4. Computer Science and Technology(Taught in English)

5. Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering (Bachelor)

6. Building Environment and Energy Engineering

7. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation(Taught in English)

8. Business Administration(Taught in English)

9. Petroleum Engineering(Taught in English) (Bachelor)

10. Petroleum Engineering (Master)

Scholarship Coverage



1st Prize: 100% tuition waived.

2nd Prize: 4,500 RMB tuition waived.

Minimum number of students for opening class: 10

3. Apply via CUCAS

CUCAS (Known as China's University and College Admission System, website: was founded in 2008 in Beijing and is the strategic partner of CEAIE (China Education Association for International Exchange). With 600+ partner universities in China (including top ones like Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and Tongji University) and helping thousands of international students get admission to Chinese universities every year, CUCAS is the biggest online platform for students to study abroad in China.

1. Online telephone and video consultation to choose a Chinese university(600+ Chinese universities to choose from)

2. Pay the CUCAS fee (usually $0 – $150)

3. Complete the online self-service application (about 20 minutes) or contact a consultant for 1-on-1 help and apply offline.

4. CUCAS is responsible for all services.

4. Global Cooperation

Northeast Petroleum University has implemented an internationalization strategy and has continuously expanded the scope and scope of international exchanges and cooperation, and its international influence has been expanding. Now it has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with more than 30 high-level universities (national) and scientific research institutions in more than 10 countries in Europe, and the Americas. The school actively carries out education for foreign students in China and trains foreign students from more than 10 countries.

Today, Northeast Petroleum University adheres to the new school-running philosophy of "establishing the school by quality, strengthening the school with talents, reform, and innovation, and creating excellence with characteristics", and by "strengthening the land—expanding the sea—innovating." "The development idea of ", fully implement the "three-step" strategy of "a top-ranking petroleum university on land petroleum disciplines-a petroleum university with both land and sea-a high-level energy university", and strive to build a high-level century-old university! NEPU welcomes international students and overseas Chinese who are interested in Chinese culture and petroleum careers to study at the university.




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