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How to Treat Diseases in China

Date: May 9,2019

Summary: Common cold, stomachache,headache, toothache and other diseases will be meet in you study trip.

Common cold, stomachache, headache, toothache and other diseases will be meet in you study trip. Common cold is a common word, different diseases have different symptoms. There are many Chinese patent drugs to treat common cold which is different in other countries, but you still can buy other common medicines in drugstore like aspirin. 

    Non-drug Treatment

If the uncomfortable of your body is caused by a cold environment or angry temper, you need have a good rest and slowly drink more water, hot ginger juice, eat more bland vegetables and relieve inflammation fruits to cure your symptom. Many times, if your toothache is caused by dry environment or bad temper, eating more pear will have a good effect to treat it. At the same time, you need to do more exercises to fight with viruses.


    Buy OTC Medicines by Yourself

If above things doesn’t work for you or you are not feel well after one day, you can go to drugstore and buy some OTC medicines by yourself, like “ BAI LAN GENG KE LI” “999 Gan Mao Ling Ke Li” and other Chinese patent drugs. How to find a drugstore for international students? Generally, one university must be equipped with university hospital, you can go there or the drugstore always be found in the busiest parts of this city, you can go there to find the drugs you need.

    See Doctors

Otherwise you can intake some doses of antiphlogistic drugs like aspirin and other drugs after asking for your doctors. Also, Unique treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture,cupping, skin scraping all can help you. 


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