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10 Greatest Things You Need to Know About Our University in 2018

Date: March 18, 2018


1. People of SCUT were spotlighted in the 13th National People's Congress

During the 13th National People's Congress that was held in March 2018, Yuan Yuyu and Huang Jianping, both prestigious entrepreneurs and SCUT alumni, and An Ran, a professor at SCUT's School of International Education, were elected to attend the congress as representatives of Guangdong province.

Yuan and Huang gave addresses on the event to share their ideas in business innovation and management, which were praised by President Xi Jinping at a discussion panel of the Guangdong Delegation.

2. Alumnus Li Dongsheng received national honor for his contribution to China's reform and opening up

On December 18, a grand gathering was held in Beijing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, when 100 individuals were awarded the Medal of Reform Pioneer by the central government.

Li Dongsheng, Chairman of the TCL Group and a graduate of SCUT’s Class 1977, received one of these distinguished medals for his contribution to the country as "a pioneer of exploring the global market for the electronic industry".

3. The Guangzhou International Campus held its groundbreaking ceremony

On May 9, the groundbreaking ceremony of SCUT's Guangzhou International Campus was launched at the Guangzhou International Innovation City, Panyu District, meaning the construction of SCUT's third campus has been formally activated.

The new campus will be hosting 10 schools featuring forefront interdisciplinary fields and a number of research institutes. It will function as a hub for addressing major demands of the country and the region, conducting frontier scientific research, promoting high-end technology transfer, and training top talents for innovative abilities, all of which aim to help Guangdong province achieve the goals set for taking the lead on China's future development.

4. Professor Gao Song was appointed President of SCUT

According to the decision made by the Ministry of Education, Professor Gao Song was appointed President of SCUT and Deputy Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, while his predecessor Professor Wang Yingjun no longer performs the above duties. A faculty assembly of SCUT was convened on October 12 to announce this change.

5. Scientists of SCUT resolved a key issue in developing porous materials

Researchers of SCUT created the world’s first ordered macro-microporous metal-organic framework single crystal, a novel type of porous material that is expected to show great promises for numerous frontiers such as catalysts, electrode materials, photochemistry, and drug delivery.

The scientific work was highlighted on the Science magazine in January 2018, listing Associate Professor Shen Kui as the first author and Professor Li Yingwei as a co-corresponding author, both of whom are faculty members of SCUT's School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

6. SCUT holds the first Global Alumni Conference to celebrate a century of history

SCUT held the first Global Alumni Conference on December 16 to celebrate the 66th anniversary of its establishment and 100 years of history since its predecessors undertook the career of education in 1918.

Over a century, the founding fathers of SCUT and their successors were known for their extraordinary contributions to China's revolution and later development, as they never wavered in coming to the aid of China by providing technological and engineering skills. A short movie that documents this history from 1918 to 2018 also made debut on the conference.

7. SCUT was commended by the MOE for efforts in targeted poverty reduction

October 17 marked China's fifth Poverty Reduction Day, as the State Ministry of Education announced a project of SCUT as one of the "ten exemplary projects of targeted poverty reduction".

This is the second time for SCUT to receive the honor, while the university has always been making outstanding efforts in helping poor regions. In 2018, Yun Xian, a remote town in the mountainous area of Yunnan province, left above the poverty line with the help of SCUT.

8. SCUT set best annual record in earning the China Patent Awards

In 2018, technological inventions of SCUT won two Silver Awards and five Merit Awards at the 20th China Patent Awards, setting a new record for SCUT and putting it at the No. 1 place among all institutions of higher learning in China.

Among the awarded patents, five applications were jointly filed by SCUT and company partners, showing strong efforts of the university working with enterprises to make technological inventions meet market needs and serve economic development.

9. SCUT was selected in the MOE's "top 50 universities for innovation and entrepreneurship"

The State Ministry of Education announced the "top 50 universities for innovation and entrepreneurship" in July, with SCUT entering the list as the only awarded MOE-governed University in South China.

10. SCUT set new record in the China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition

The 2018 China College Students' Entrepreneurship Competition dropped its curtain at Zhejiang University on November 3. All of the six projects submitted by SCUT were awarded medals including five golds and one silver.

SCUT also won the second place in the total score ranking as well as a Prize for Best Organizing, setting the best record in the university's history of participating in the event.


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