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Almost 10,000 Students Graduated from SCUT in June

Date: July 8, 2019


From June 26 to 27, the 2019 Commencement was held both in Wushan and the University Town. Thousands of graduates, university leaders and distinguished faculty members attended the annual ceremony.

Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, on behalf of the university, send regards and expectations to the graduates. Gao Song, President of SCUT, addressed a commencement speech titled “Remain true to our original aspiration, and strive for a greater undertaking with a greater obligation”.

Totally 9,580 students graduate from SCUT this summer. It was marked as the first year after the university entered the second century of its history since the Guangdong First Specialized School of Industry, a main predecessor of SCUT, was founded in 1918.



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