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Beijing Normal University, One Belt and One Road College, Went to Ethiopia to Study the Course

Date: March 22, 2019

With the continuous expansion of Sino-African trade, Ethiopia has become China's largest investment destination in Africa. Further strategic cooperation with Ethiopia is of great significance for China to build "one belt and one road", to help African countries establish interconnection and to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

From 16 to 20 March, Professor Hu Biliang, the executive director of one belt and one road college in the Beijing Normal University, was commissioned by the comprehensive office of the leading group office of the "one belt and one road" construction task force to form a special research team to conduct research in Ethiopia.


Visit Addis Ababa Light Rail Central Control Room




Field Investigation on Yaji Railway


During the period, Professor Hu Biliang and his party went to investigate the related projects of the "East and west" construction such as the Oriental Industrial Park invested by Chinese enterprises, the Addisababa light rail, the Asian Railway, the Adama Industrial Park and other related projects, and around the relevant officials of the Chinese business office in Ethiopia, the Sino Egyptian cooperation department in Ethiopia, and the world bank's Ethiopian Bureau. "All along the way" construction, Ethiopia project and other topics for in-depth discussion.

After that, the delegation will form a survey report according to the investigation situation and report it to the relevant departments for reference.



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