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Beijing Normal University and Lanzhou University Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement and Co-construction of Affiliated Schools Cooperation Agreement

Date: January 7, 2019

On January 2, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Beijing Normal University and Lanzhou University was held in Beijing Normal University. Cheng Jianping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Normal University, President Dong Qi, Vice-President Hao Fanghua and Wang Shoujun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lanzhou University Yuan Zhanting, President Yan Chunhua, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wu Guosheng, Vice-President Xu Shengcheng, Pan Baotian and heads of relevant departments of the two universities attended the signing ceremony. 



Cheng Jianping welcomed the visit of Lanzhou University. He pointed out that Lanzhou University has made great contributions to the development of the western part of the country. Beijing Normal University is the pioneer of Higher Normal Education in China. The two universities have their own characteristics. They should learn from each other's strengths to complement each other's weaknesses, complement each other's strengths and strengthen cooperation. Beijing Normal University will give full play to its advantages in teacher education and work with Lanzhou University to promote the construction of affiliated schools of Lanzhou University so as to make them a model school in Lanzhou City and even Gansu Province. In scientific research, the two sides are encouraged to give full play to their respective scientific research advantages and to carry out in-depth cooperation in the second scientific investigation of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the construction of national ecological civilization. 



Dong Qi said in his speech that Lanzhou University is a strong and centuries-old university. The two universities have a good cooperation foundation in geography, nuclear science and technology, environmental science and engineering, and also in the humanities and social sciences, etc. a broad prospect for cooperation. It is hoped that both sides can further innovate the cooperation model between the two schools, establish a long-term mechanism for cooperation and win-win, implement the details of the agreement, and coordinate development to promote the construction of world-class universities. 



Yuan Zhanting gave a detailed introduction to the development of Lanzhou University. He said that the cooperation between the two universities is an urgent need for Lanzhou University's own development. He hopes to establish a deep-level cooperative relationship with Beijing Normal University in various fields and areas, especially the joint construction of the schools affiliated to Lanzhou University. It has important strategic significance to Lanzhou University. He expressed sincere gratitude for the support given by Beijing Normal University.



Yan Chunhua introduced the current development of the disciplines of Lanzhou University. He emphasized that cooperation with Beijing Normal University is a major event in the development process of Lanzhou University. Lanzhou University will coordinate the relevant departments and departments of the schools to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Beijing Normal University. I look forward to the early cooperation between the two universities.



Dong Qi and Yan Chunhua signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the two schools. According to the agreement, the two schools will carry out in-depth cooperation in disciplines construction, talent exchange, student training, scientific research, basic education, counterpart support and other fields to jointly promote the "Double First-Class" construction of the two schools.

At the meeting, the representatives of the two universities also signed an agreement on the co-construction of the affiliated schools of Lanzhou University.



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