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CUC Students,Teachers Participate in Tampere Bootcamp During Tampere Film Festival

Date: March 22, 2019

The 49th anniversary of Tampere Film Festival lowered its curtain on March 11. Students and teachers from CUC Television School participated in the Tampere Bootcamp during the festival which lasted for six days.

During the event, more than 30 pieces of students’ works from five countries including China, Germany, Finland and Estonia were divided into different themes and projected. Among 18 Chinese students’ works which were screened at the festival this year, seven of them are produced by CUC students.

This year, the committee specially added Chinese outstanding youth image special exhibition section, providing display opportunities for five award-winning works from "Vision Youth Awards". Among them, Ju Xiaotian, a Broadcast Journalism graduate and the director of the documentary Kawakarpo- the graduation project of TVS - addressed the audience after the screening.
In the Bootcamp, students participated in exhibition activities, exchanged ideas with foreign students and listened to lectures by well-known directors and producers in film and television industry. Through all these events, students gained professional skills and knowledge while forming intimate friendships with young directors from Europe.

At the end of the camp, the committee of Tampere Film Festival awarded with certificates to all participating teachers and students.

The Tampere Film Festival is an international D-class professional short film festival. Since 2018, the Television School of CUC, Midsummer Studio and the committee of the Tampere Film Festival of Finland jointly set up the Bootcamp, building a platform for Chinese students to present Chinese youth video in the world.
Hu fang, Deputy Director of CUC School Affairs Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech on the occasion.



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