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Canteen for Doctoral and International Students Has Been Put into Use

Date: December 7, 2014

Nov 5th– On the morning of November 4, canteen for doctoral and international students had been put into trial use, which was one of the most important works of Logistics Department andCenter ofFood Service this year.

Li Cheng’en, along with Han Yi, director of Logistics Department and others, inspected the work and communicated with teachers and students at lunch time. He appreciated the preparation of the canteen and further stressed that food quality and security were of the most importance which should be strictly supervised.




During the preparation of opening of the canteen, Center of Food Service had solved many difficulties. After the gas was offered, they deployed 12 experienced workers as well as over 170 food raw materials to the new canteen, tested all the equipments and systems, cleaned up the whole canteen and dining utensils and printed one thousand leaflets to ensure that the canteen could open as it was planned.




The construction of Canteen for doctoral and international students was started in the end of 2009 and finished in 2013. On November 4, 2014, it was put into trial operation. The canteen locates in the east side of No.4 apartment for doctoral and international students, holding an area of near 6000 square meters with 600 seats. It is equipped with air conditioners, cable televisions, automatic settlement system of meal selling, etc. The Logistics Department and Center of Food Service will try their best to increase their service level and serve well.



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