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Chinese Automation Conference Focused on The Theme -Innovation Drives Development

Date: December 22, 2015


With the pace of economic globalization and the facilitation of Made in China 2025, China’s scientific and technological development of automation,informatization  and intelligentization has become a pusher of the progress in the new era. From 27th , to 29th of November , the 2015 Chinese Automation Conference, which had gain widespread attention, was held in Wuhan.

The conference, focusing on the theme” innovation drives development” has attracted thousands of home and abroad automation researchers and scholars, the scale hitting the record. The attendees included 10 academicians from CAE and CAS, nearly 180 other people including candidates for the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Changjiang Scholars, winners of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and top scientists of the “973 Program” .

Scholars from home and abroad made wonderful conference presentations. Academician Sun Youxian from Zhejiang University made a presentation titled The Research and Large-scale Application of Serial High-end Control Equipment and System, in which he analyzed the problem existing in China’s control equipment and system, and introduced the main features , important achievements and application effects of different development stages of high-end control equipment and system. Academician Zheng Nanning form Xi’an Jiaotong University made a presentation titled Brain-inspired Computing Problems and Visual Cognition , in which introduced the brain-inspired computing method for visual cognitive information processing and associative memory recognition centered on the basic problems of brain-inspired computing. Entrusted by Academician Wu Hongxin from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Researcher Hu Jun,from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation made a presentation titled The Review and Prospect of Research on Intelligent and Autonomous Control of Spacecrafts. Academician Xu Zongben made a presentation titled Sparse Information Processing: Some New Progress and Development Trends, in which he focused on the status quo ,future opportunities and challenges of big data research. Academician Bao Weimin from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation made a presentation titled Challenges of Future Spacecraft Development and Control, in which he pointed out his thoughts on the spacecraft intelligent control development based on technologies including the intellisence, intelligent computing , intelligent materials, intelligent communication and intelligent control in the information era. Academician Jing Han from School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, HUST made a presentation titled Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology , in which he introduced the research progress of robot and intelligent manufacturing technology and predicted its future development trend by focusing on the robot and manufacturing technology and aiming at the great demands from the national strategic and pillar industries. Professor Ye Mengyu from Stanford University made a presentation titled Semidefinite Programming for Sensor Network Localization and Dimension Reduction and Professor Xia Xiaohua from South Africa Pretoria University made a presentation titled Control Problems in Building Energy Retrofit and Maintenance Planning.



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