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Commencement Held to Celebrate Achievements of 2018 CUC Graduates

Date: June 27, 2018

The 2018 Commencement is held at Communication University of China (CUC), June 27, 2018.[Photo by Chen Yifei]


Nearly 4000 CUC students and their families, special guests, and representatives of staff members, gathered at the 2018 Commencement and Degree Conferral Ceremony at the CUC Student Activities Center on Wednesday , to celebrate the achievements of the University’s 2018 graduates. They were welcomed by Chair of University Council Chen Wenshen, University President, also Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee Liao Xiangzhong and other members of the university leadership.


Chair of University Council, professor Chen Wenshen



Delegates sing the Chinese National Anthem at the Commencement


The Commencement began with the powerful rhythm of the Chinese National Anthem. Vice President, professor Liu Yanping announced the results of degree conferral.


Vice President, professor Liu Yanping announces the results of degree conferral at the Commencement



University President, professor Liao Xiangzhong gives his commencement address


On behalf of the University, President Liao Xiangzhong delivered a speech, expressing his congratulations on the success of the 2018 graduates and deep gratitudes for university staff’s devotion and support from all families of the graduates.  



President Liao Xiangzhong said: "A media era with integration, communication and changes is on the way. For most of people, it’s going to be full of challenges. But for CUC students, it’s more of a time with opportunities for they are absolutely qualified for seizing those chances and making their own differences. It is originated in our CUC’s cultural genes that we are faithful, confident, inclusive and competent. And it can be traced back to our accumulated experience of running for over 60 years, from Beijing Broadcasting Institute to Communication University of China. It has also been proved by practices of our diligent students and rooted deeply in their hearts. No matter how fiercely does the time change, I hope our students can always stick to the spirits of CUC and emerge them to work for media and to overcome the numerous difficulties and made continuous progress in media."

Before seeing off the graduates walking onto their new journey of life, he suggested that they should be a person of integrity, honesty, perseverance and having the feeling for family and nation.  "I hope you can all become a person in decent manner and always come back to meet with each other or just walk around in campus. I want you to remember that CUC is always behind your back to support you."


Professor Wang Xiaohong gives her speech at the Commencement as the representative of all the stuff members


As a representative of all staff members, professor Wang Xiaohong from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication delivered a congratulatory speech. While expressing her congratulation to all the graduates, she also reminded the students that they should keep a down-to-earth mindset when facing challenges.

Graduate representatives, including undergraduate Jiang Manyu from School of International Studies, master student Lu Yuhui from Faculty of Arts, and foreign student Eric from Faculty of Literature and Law delivered their speeches at the Commencement.


Undergraduate Jiang Manyu from School of International Studies


Master student Lu Yuhui from Faculty of Arts


 Foreign student Eric from Italy, who majored in International Chinese Education


Jiang Manyu said that CUC had given her plenty experiences that built her into a confident person. She thanked what she had gotten from friends, from teachers and from this university life and called on all the graduates to keep this magical four-year experience in memory. Lu Yuhui shared his sufficient learning achievements in CUC during his speech, where he also expressed his gratefulness for the help from his tutor and the university. As a representative of foreign students, Eric took Marco Polo who also came from Italy as an example to show his admiration to Chinese culture. He stated that learning experiences in CUC gained himself a deeper understanding of China and Chinese culture, and he really appreciate it.


Famous director Wang Chaoge gives her speech at the Commencement as the representative of alumni


Famous director Wang Chaoge, a 1984 alumna of CUC also delivered a speech at the Commencement. She said nowadays many people entitled themselves with the new Chinese word "Fo Xi", which means never bother yourself fighting for something and staying in comfort zone. “But I think all of you young graduates should define yourselves as 'Feng Xi', which means you should always chase what you want and take risks to make your life colorful and fruitful.” she added.



 Graduates present bouquets to professors


In the warm applause with the promotional film Thanksgiving alma Mater , the graduates presented flowers to the professors, expressing their gratitude.

During the Commencement, Vice Chairman of the University Council professor Wang Dapin, Vice President,professor Liu Shouxun and professor Li Xinjun announced the resolution of commending outstanding graduates respectively, including “2018 Excellent Graduate Students of Beijing“, "2018 Excellent Graduate Students of CUC", "CUC Merit Student"  and "Excellent Student Leader’"award.


Vice Chair of the University Council, professor Wang Dapin


Vice President, professor Liu Shouxun


Vice President, professor Li Xinjun



The representatives of award-winning students come to the stage to receive an honorary certificate


This year, a new agenda was set up. 164 graduates from different classes were appointmented as special alumni liaisons for CUC students and graduates.


The representatives of liaisons accept the letter of appointment


Talented CUC singers and performers gave their shows at the ceremony with joyful beates celebrating the unforgettable moments of the 2018 class. They were joined by the exciting audience who swayed their bodies in time with the music. All the singing, dancing and magic shows took the atmosphere to a climax. Later on, the graduates sang the school song A Row of Young Poplar in the Campus, which might be the last time they sang it together 


The singing show


The magic show performed by liu Guonan



Foreign student Haojie preforms at the Commencement   


All attendees standing up and singing the school song The Young White Poplar 


At the end of the ceremony, President Liao Xiangzhong and other university leaders conferred degree certificates on all 3609 graduates.



The Commencement was live broadcasted via CUCTV and new media platforms. Audiences both within and outside of CUC were able to watch the ceremony via CUC official website, screen media on campus, Live channel of CUC TV station, CUC official social media channels, and major new media platforms, including Weibo, Bilibili, Net Ease, and 








A live broadcasting team made up of over a hundred students leaded by about 20 teachers made it possible that students, their families and anyone who can’t come to the scene also witness this great moment and left their own unique memories.







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