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DUT Held 2015 Information Session of China Scholarship Council

Date: March 23, 2015

January 7- As part of DUT internationalization strategy, 2015 information session of China Scholarship Council for government-sponsored oversea studying was held in the lecture hall of Techno Park. Cao Shihai, deputy secretary general of China Scholarship Council made a special report and interpreted related policies for 2015 government-sponsored oversea studying programs. Present at the meeting were leaders from Graduate School and the International Cooperation and Exchange Department and about 200 teachers and students.




Cao gave overall introduction of government-sponsored oversea studying programs, summarized the achievements made during recent years and briefed the plan for 2015. He also specified the programs for senior research fellows, visiting scholars (including post-doctoral), young core instructors, high-level professional graduate students for national construction, national professional master graduate students, outstanding undergraduate exchanges and sino-foreign cooperation. Then he introduced the specific application process. Cao pointed out that some programs would be expanded in 2015, for example, the program for graduates in high-level universities would add 1000 to 8000 students.

With years of experience, Cao advised that during application, proposers should make a plan in advance, carefully select the countries for study and make full use of these programs and so on. He said who would study abroad should comply with local laws and regulations and improve innovation ability through the communication and cooperation with foreign researchers. After the report, Cao patiently answered the faculty’s questions.

Dai Yan, doctoral student from Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology, who had studied inUniversityofTexasatAustinby the funds from China Scholarship Council, also shared his experience with the participants.



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