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DUT Held a Review Meeting of Phase III Construction Project of "Project 985"

Date: July 15, 2014

Oct--10 DUT held a review meeting of phase III construction program of “Project 985”in the Central Conference Hall on the forth floor of the main building. DUT leaders including Shen Changyu, Lu Zhongchang, Li Zhiyi, Ning Guiling, Li Junjie, Qu Jingping, Cheng Didong, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, members from DUT Academic Committee, heads of every school and relevant department and personnels in charge of programs of “Project 985”were present at the meeting,which was presided over by Qu Jingping, DUT vice president.

Personnels in charge of 15 phase III construction projects of “Project 985” gave summary reports from the aspects of construction targets, realization of targets, construction tasks, analysis of construction results, spending of funds and landmark results and so on.

Shen pointed out in his address that in more than three years of phase III construction of “Project 985”, DUT achieved great and encouraging achievements in terms of discipline construction, talent development, scientific researches and so on. Review experts carefully listened to the reports and gave valuable advice and suggestions about next work.

Shen stressed that next work must be done earnestly and he also gave specific requirements as how to do next work well. He required that all departments should work together to promote the construction of DUT.



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