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Dong Qi: the Quality of Mental Health Education Curriculum in Colleges and Universities Still Needs to Be Improved

Date: April 9, 2019

On April 8, the first National Symposium on Education and Teaching of College Students' Mental Health was held at Beijing Normal University. Dong Qi, president of Beijing Normal University, said that in recent years, China's mental health education in colleges and universities has made considerable progress, but there are also some problems, which pose new challenges to the cultivation of mental health teachers in Colleges and universities, as well as the construction and service of college students' mental health textbooks.



Dong Qi believes that the main problems of mental health education in colleges and universities lie in the following aspects: higher emphasis on mental health education in colleges and universities, but insufficient system guarantees; widespread offering of mental health education courses in colleges and universities, but the quality of courses still needs to be improved; college students' diverse needs for mental health education content, but low satisfaction; low professional level of full-time and part-time teachers, and so on.

"Great changes have taken place in China in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. We have shifted from the satisfaction of material needs to the pursuit of spiritual life." Dong Qi said, "The new era has put forward an important mission and task for psychological services to social governance, and mental health education of college students is an important part of it."

Lin Chongde, director of the Expert Committee on Mental Health Education for College Students of the Ministry of Education, believes that the goal of mental health education teaching is to improve the quality of education, and the development of students is the primary task of quality development. We should explore the teaching system of mental health education with Chinese characteristics on the basis of students' development of core literacy.

Su Yanjie, Secretary-General of the Teaching Steering Committee for Psychological Specialty of the Ministry of Education, said that psychological professionals should do more mental health practice work, and teachers who do mental health education practice work should also improve their level from a professional point of view. The combination of the two can better promote the development of mental health education for college students.

Dong Qi hopes to build a bridge between theory and practice through this meeting, work together to form a joint force in educating people, innovate a new way of college Students' mental health education in the era of common innovation, help college ideological and political work, promote the reform and innovation of college ideological and political courses, train a group of college mental health teachers with high ideological and political literacy and teaching level. And to help our students build morality and learn happily and live healthily.





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