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ECNU Gave 2 Performances in 2019 Spring Festival Gala

Date: February 11, 2019

ECNU’s aerobics and cheering squad performed on the stage of the 2019 Spring Festival Gala. ECNU’s competitive sports teams, cheering squad and basketball team performed alongside stars Li Yifeng and Zhu Yilong in a show called “Leap up, youths!”. Their talent was on full-display, with ingenious skills, dynamic stage performance and passionate youthful vitality that drew great attention from national audience.


The show called “Leap up, youths!


The opening dance "The Sea of Spring".


The awards and prizes.


National and international competitions.


The day before rehearsal.





Rehearsals on campus.


“It was performed by 27 team members,” said Prof. Zhou Yan from ECNU’s School of Physical Education and Health, who participated in the dress rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala with her students in Beijing. “Besides that, 8 girls from our school also took part in the opening dance ‘The Sea of Spring’.”

Established in 2007, ECNU’s cheer squad is also called “The Dream Team”. They have won over 100 gold medals in international competitions and more than 400 gold medals at the national level. That’s why they are also called the “Master of Combat” of ECNU.  

“The Dream Team” has made many outstanding appearances, such as in the 10th competition of the “I want to perform in Spring Gala” in 2018.  

For this year’s performance, they had mastered a series of difficult movements like lifting, juggling and somersaults in the show called “The Dream Pursuit”. ECNU is honored for their teams to be granted the opportunity to perform in the annual Spring Festival Gala.


Prof. Zhou Yan.


The twin sisters in ECNU''s cheering squad.


The twin brothers in the team.


New Year's wish from "The Dream Team".



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