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Four XMU Research Institutes Rated as China's Core Think Tanks

Date: November 20, 2017

Four XMU research institutes, namely Taiwan Research Institute, Center for Macroeconomic Research, Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, and Institute of Education, were selected into the ranks of China’s core think tanks at the 4th National Humanities and Social Science Evaluation Summit (hereafter, the Summit). The Summit was sponsored by the Academy for Evaluation of Social Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (hereafter, AESS) on the theme of “Status quo, Evaluation, and Experience Summary of New Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics ”. 

The Summit released the  Comprehensive Evaluation AMI Research Report on China's Think Tanks (2017), which is the outcome of more than one year’s study of CESS. This research explores into the current situation of a variety of think tanks in China, in a bid to make an objective and comprehensive assessment of China’s think tanks. By combing the qualitative and quantitativemethods of analysis, and by going through the procedures of sifting, investigating and deciding on the evaluation objects, the CESS finally selected 166 research institutes as the national core think tanks out of a total number of 2,335 domestic research institutes based on the 86 indicators of the level-4 AMI system. It is worth noting that among the 166 core thinks tanks, 79 come from the institutes of higher learning, and XMU alone has 4 on the honor roll.



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