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How Many International Students Study in China in 2017?

Date: April 30, 2019

Summary: Data of students study in China.

  Study in China

Data of International Students Study in China

According to related statestics, the numer of international students study in China is growing in 2017. With the development of economy in China and the improvement of higher education teaching level, students who want to study in China will keep growing in the future. Let's explore the details of international students study in China.

By Continents

Whats's  international students come from about studying in China? If you as a foreign students see this data, you may know how many international students from your home country study in China in 2017.

The number of students from Asia ranks No.1, and even the proportion of international students from oceania is less than other continents, but compared with 2016, the total number and the year on year growth of  international students from different continents is rising,the numer of students from Asia rose10.66%,  Europe  grows 15.35%, Africa grows 5.25%, America 2.96%, Oceania 9.28%.

By Countries
The numer of internationa students from developed countries such as, South Korea, America ranks top 5 ( data of above picture)  , which proofs  teaching level of Chinese universities and China global influence are growing.
By Target City, Provinces
More and more international students would like to go to study in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong.
Beijing, as the capital of China, in where provides more advantages for students studying. China's different cities have their own feature, such as Shanghai, a mordern city, Guangdong, a coastal city, Shaanxi, a historical city, Zhejiang, a developed area, etc, different city or university style attract more international students  study in China.
By Study Programs
Generally, there are more international students like to study in China for Chinese language studying, or other visiting programs than degree students.
By Financial Supports
More and more students are willing to study in China through their self-finance, and Chinese government scholarship as a strong support which help more international students reduce their study cost in China and make theirs study dream come ture. 
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