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JLPT Work in SMU Finished

Date: September 30, 2017

SMU News, Jul. 4 The work of SMU Testing Site for The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) was done on July 2nd. It is learned that this was the first time for SMU to undertake JLPT after it was approved as a testing site. 1740 examinees in total participated in the test in SMU with 59 examination rooms.

To guarantee the smooth operation of JLPT, the offices of International Exchange and Cooperation and of Academic Affairs made full coordination and considerate preparations to work out The 2017 Examination Manual of JLPT in SMU Testing Site in accordance with JLPT requirements. They also organized a meeting for the training invigilator on June 30, at which relative teachers gave a general information about our supervision work. Besides, a detailed explanation of work and notices during the examination was made and repeated for emphasis.

Each section, from the supervisor training before the test to tips around the examination rooms guard installations and reminders set in the examination rooms, from the start of supervision work to the delivery and confidential work, was strictly checked and performed as required. JLPT ended in a satisfactory way with all related staffs working together.



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