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Macau Students Visited SWUN in Response to Invitation

Date: October 8, 2016

August 1st SWUN News: Jointly organized by Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and Higher Education Assistance Office of the Macau Special Administrative Region, an event of cultural exchange between Macau students and students from minority ethnic groups in mainland China was successfully held by SWUN from July 18th to July 27th, 2016. With the theme Enriching Your Life by Starting Your Summer Holidays from Sichuan Province, the event witnessed cultural exchanges between 29 native Macau students from the University of Macau, Peking University, and the University of Taiwan and 11 students of minority ethnic groups from SWUN. Professor Ding Keyi, vice president of SWUN, and faculties from SWUN’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office participated in the meeting.

Professor Ding extended a warm welcome to Macau students and expressed his hope that their trip to Sichuan would enable them to learn more about Sichuan Province and gain an in-depth understanding of the diversified cultures of mainland China.

Macau Students, together with their SWUN peers, attended a lecture titled Cultures of Chinese Minority Ethnic Groups given by SWUN Professor He Jiquan, and a meeting for idea exchanges was held afterward. These young students also paid a visit to Aba (Ngawa) Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Ganzi (Garzê) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to experience and learn about the cultures of the minority ethnic groups. In addition, the students visited some colleges, enterprises and relic sights in Sichuan, including Sichuan Minzu College, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinrong Business-Starter Town in the county of Pixian, Dong Yang Machinery Corporation, Jinsha Museum, and Jinli Old Street.

Macau students' trip to Sichuan was a rewarding event, during which they were involved in rich and diversified activities, developed friendships with students of SWUN, and most importantly, learned about the authentic cultures and socio-economic circumstances of the regions of minority ethnic groups in Sichuan. This cultural exchange event has made its due contribution to the promotion of interaction and communication between students of Macau and Sichuan.



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